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40K Deep Thought: Apocalypse Means Apocalyptic Miniature Deals

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Jun 17 2019

Get your wallets ready, because when Apocalypse gets released, it usually means super awesome limited run deals too.

Way back when Apocalypse 1.o was released in 2007, it acame alongside a bunch of crazy boxed combo deals. Some of these are legendary to this day. Anyone remember these:

There were so many of these, and GW tried to make one for each Formation in the game, as well as spread the love around across every race. Heck there’s a Dark Eldar bundle up there when they were… let’s say not yet a “largely followed” faction.

Fast forward to Apocalypse 2.o in 2013, and it was equally world shattering. When that hit, we got an new set of terrain and bunch of the game’s super heavies, from the Lord of Skulls to the Necron Obelisk.  Remember these releases? I remember folks FREAKING OUT about the Aquila Strongpoint being… wait for it… AV15!!

Apocalypse Rulebook $74.25
Apocalypse Gamers Edition $250
Apocalypse Collector’s Edition $250

Khorne Lord of Skulls $160
Necron Tesseract/Obelisk $160
Imperial Guard Baneblade $140


Aquilla Strongpoint $115
Firestorm Redoubt $65
Vengeance Weapons Battery $50

It’s AV:15!!!


Yup, dual Heavy2, Twinlinked Icarus Lascannons!


That lower gun is Heavy:20

Lord Executioner $22.25
Master of the Rites $22.25
Master of Relics $22.25
Master of the Marches $22.25

Imperial Targeting Templates $25
Strategic Asset Cards $15


Moving 6 years into the present…



Welcome to Apoc 3.0

This time around it looks like GW is returning to the classic 1.0 formula and putting out a ton of splash release boxed sets. They look super spicy and I’m expecting hefty discounts.  It looks like about half of the factions in the game are represented, and looking at the contents these feel bigger than the $85 Start Collecting ranges, but smaller than the $200 holiday sized army boxes.

If you want them – don’t wait.

~If past editions of Apocalypse holds true, when these boxes are gone – they are gone.


I’m still kicking myself for not picking up the Eldar Windrider Host from Apoc 1.0!



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