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40K Tough Love: Forge World Models that Need to Go Plastic

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Jun 11 2019


The GW studio has a gold mine on their hands. Here are the handful of resin kits that need to be redone in high-detail plastic – to bring some new energy to the game.

We know that GW can do pretty big kits in plastic now if they want. And while Forge World is doing great work, there is just a barrier to both buying and working with resin that will keep away the masses.

So instead, GW has the opportunity to redo a handful of kits that could do great service to the game. These could both balance out factions who need the love and create a new opportunity to “upsize the game” – especially with Apocalypse just around the corner.


My goal with these selections is to pick kits that are “medium-big” models. Bigger than the normal heavy support choices, but smaller than Scout Titans. Then I am looking at kits that can be easily created into combo-kits, allowing what are now multiple similar resin kits to be rolled into a single plastic kit with multiple built options. Finally, I am considering if the kits can be used by multiple factions, or for armies that are sorely lacking in the “medium-big” category of models.

The Contenders

The Cerastus Knight Chassis

You get the Lancer, Castigator, Atrapos, and the Acheron from this one body. Not only that but with the appearance of Chaos Knights, you could get up to 8 kits our of this one.  Great utility and a nice beefy kit that still has to watch out for the Warhounds. This would be a wonderful plastic kit with lots of users.

Fire Raptor/Storm Eagle

It’s NOT a plastic Thunderhawk, but it’s getting there. This pair gives both Marines and Chaos a gunship and a medium flying transport that is much sleeker and better looking than the flying turkey StormRaven. I’m sure GW could invent a third variant just for Primaris with some funky anti-grav plates along the bottom.

Engines of Vaul

Craftworld Scorpion/Cobra/Voidspinner/Storm Serpent vehicles can all be built off the same chassis. An Aeldari equivalent to the Baneblade kit, one unified hull gives the Eldar everything from a general tank, to a superheavy eraser, to a barrage plaform, to one heck of an interesting troop transport. Plus they would be BEAUTIFUL in all new high-detail plastic.

Drukhari Tantalus

I’d think GW would make this a combo kit with a transport version, and an up-gunned version. The Drukhari could really use a single beefy kit and the Tantalus is a great looking kit.


Tyranid Hierodule

The Forge World Hierodule is a very, very, very old kit that is showing it’s age. To me, it looks more like a large scale model of  Hormagant, than a giant bug. It’s time for a combo kit redo in the army’s current visual style that fills the gap between the Tyrannofex and the Hierophant. A new combo kit Hierodule/Dominatrix would be perfect! Let the old bug evolve… into plastic.

~Would you buy these in plastic, and what kits did I miss?

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