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40K Versus: Blightlords vs CSM Termys – Choose Your Killers

3 Minute Read
Jun 12 2019

Which unit of terminator cold blooded killers is the best unit to round out your traitorous warband? What’s a Chaos Lord gonna do?

Today we look at two units, both with recent minis. These can be equipped to lay down the killing, take a beating and come out the other side just fine. Both are vying to be your “killy-hammer”unit to keep your Chaos list scary and lethal. But which is better:

Chaos Terminators

You know em, you love em, the CSM termys have been around for a LONG time, with pretty much the same options. They just got a new set of minis, so let’s go over them:


  • Lower cost (26 pts per model)
  • Flexible weapon and equipment options for both close range shooting or assault.
  • Faster (5″ move)


  • Lesser stats (T)
  • Lesser invulnerables


Blight Lord Terminators

The stinky, rotten kids on the block. The Death Guard elite have more options than a rusty swiss army knife. Let’s take a look.



  • T:5
  • 4+ invulnerables
  • Disgustingly Resiliant
  • Aura of Rust
  • Superior melee weapons (looking at you Bubotic Axe, Flail of Corruption)


  • Higher cost (34 per model)
  • Slower (4″ Move and halves Advances)


Two very similar squads with two very different specialties.  The default CSM Terminators are great for the points at dropping in, killing something and then making a general mess of the local situation until they get cut down (they will usually die). This will take some enemy effort, but it’s very doable.

The Blightlords are another thing altogether. You are still dropping them in, and they will still kill what you are aiming at, but there are two key differences. First, these guys are SLLLLOOOOOOOOW. So once they get on table, they aren’t going anywhere. An agile opponent will get out of dodge fast, and either retrograde and lay down the firepower. The bigger difference is their durability. These guys are TOUGH. Compared to normal CSM termys, the Blightlords have the +1T, the better invulnerable, AND Disgustingly Resilient. It all all adds up to make these guys super irritating to kill. Your opponent can do it, but they’re gonna break a sweat along the way.

On the melee side of things, the Blightlords weapons are better for the points (Plague weapons), and the damage carrying over ability on the Flail of Corruption is quite nice! BUT, all this awesomeness comes at 8pts a model (@30% increase over the CSM termys)

So overall, the choice is yours. If you want to get in, kill something, cause a distraction and save some points for the rest of your warband – go CSM Termys and claim some new heads to stick up on their trophy racks. If you want to splurge on points, take AND hold something, and be an infected thorn in the bad-guy’s side – Blightlords are the way to go. But no matter which you choose – DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR!

~It’s a tough one, with solid reasons for each. What do you use in your Chaos Warband?


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