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D&D Adventure Fights Anxiety And Depression On And Off The Table

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Jun 25 2019

A new adventure fights mental illness on and off the table, pitting players against anxiety and depression in-game, and supporting charity in real life.

Games can do a lot of good in the world–we’ve talked before about how RPGs like D&D can help treat depression and anxiety or how they can empower neurodiverse players to develop socially–and today we’re taking a look at an adventure that’s rapidly rising on the DM’s Guild bestseller list. Gardens of Fog, an aptly titled adventure, sees players enter a dreamscape to help an in-game companion battle fiendish representations of depression and anxiety. And while that might not help slay the monsters of the mind in the real world, proceeds from this adventure benefit Take This, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting mental health and fighting the stigma of mental illness.

So now’s your chance to check it out and do some very real good in your own community. If you head over to the page and check out some of the reviews, you’ll find some moving testimony:

I read the description for this, and it immediately called to me. You see, my wife and I are 2 episodes into our new podcast called, “The Illest Couple.” The show is focused on discussions about mental health, mental illness and more importantly – Ending stigma (which our most recent episode was specifically about.) My wife strugglesmightily with depression and anxiety, but she is currently undergoing TMS Treatments.

Once I read your preface in the sample, I immediately gasped excitedly and told her about it. She’s not much for this kinda stuff, but the subject matter was enough that she was happy that the discussions are moving into this medium.

Of course, no adventure is a substitute for professional help, but this is a great support tool to help raise awareness, promote discussion, and actually fight off mental demons for once.

via DM’s Guild

Gardens of Fog – $6.99


A dear friend lies stricken, a prisoner in their own mind. Local healers are baffled, unable to provide aid, and without intervention your companion is surely lost. Steel yourself, enter the realm of the mind and face the struggles within.

This module contails a Tier 1 Adventure optimized for five 3rd-level characters, as well as a new cleric subclass: the psychomancer, inspired by mental health nonprofit Take This’ mascot.

Sales from this module benefit Take This, a 501(c)(3) mental health nonprofit serving the game community, and dedicated to eradicating the stigma of mental illness.

Happy Adventuring!

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