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Goatboy’s 40K: Mortarion is Back

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Jun 10 2019


Goatboy here again and I want to tell you why in today’s meta Morty may be back in a big way.

I talked a bit about the whole distraction Carnifex last week and gave a bit of discussion on using Mortarion again.  This leads me to think that he might be worth it again because lists have changed as the meta has shifted. Why? As the Castellan has gone down in usage – the chances for Mortarion to survive not getting the first turn becomes a heck of a lot better.

The Castellan’s gone now… right?

Goodbye Castellan – Hello Everything Else

Now, of course, the Castellan going away does a lot more than let Mortarion survive longer.  Vehicles and other tasty targets have started to look a lot better on the table top.  Having the big bad feel like less of an auto-include in our Imperial builds lets a lot of these things live a heck of a lot longer.  This is another reason a big, bad, aura beating bastiche like Mortarion might be a better choice again.  He can rush up, hit a ton of things with his Aura, activate another Aura, and get a chance to blow up more than one flimsy little box.

The other thing that seems to indicate that Morty might be coming back is the ton of lists that are built to go second.  I don’t know about you, but most of the time with ITC going second seems to lead to a Goatboy win.  Most of the time I plan, set up, etc. to go second in a matchup. It’s just easier to prepare for that Seize then to get a surprise beat down.  As armies are always set up for this, it means getting a chance to move Morty twice is looking a heck of a lot better than it was before.

So is it worth it to invest so many points in this beat stick designed to die by turn 2-3?  Maybe?  The game has gotten pretty big, events are pretty large, and it really depends on what you get matched up with as you climb the ladder to the top tables. I love the idea of using this big beat stick with a few other beat sticks to try and overwhelm opponents with offensive nonsense. It’s a fast game and you can get a chance to control the responses.  Nothing is scarier than seeing a big gross winged monster keep getting closer and seeing your army crumble as the plague reaches their tender bits.

You better bet this guy is going to shake things up.

Chaos Knight Coming Soon

With Chaos Knights coming the game might see a return to the big brothers of beat down – especially if they are pointed aggressively.  Once we mix in Stratagems, Corrupted Household traits, and other nonsense, we start to have a list of monsters that might be too much for a conventional army to handle. Plus, it will look sweet as hell on the table top with a small number of models. That is the trick for those who have new kids and want to play 40k.  Small armies, cool looking models, and easy rules to remember because sleep is a white rabbit you try to chase every night while listening to a baby monitor.


They told me the first one was for free…

Jonseing for 40K

Hopefully, we get some more 40k stuff in the coming weeks.  I am excited about Contrast. I as it seems a handy tool for completing armies in a fast manner. Having the chance to do large batches in one sitting means you can be consistent.  But that isn’t 40k related, so it is frustrating while we wait on some new tidbits of information.  I love the new previewed models from the other games and hope they have decent 40k rules to add to armies.  We’ll see as the coming weeks tick by and GW finds something to feed the 40k masses that are craving some meat to chew on.

Look for a Morty list this Friday that I want to test out.  I am hoping to get a chance to play it soon – but the threat of kids needing something to keep them busy might leave me without time on the table top.

~What minis do you think will reappear with the nerfing of the Castellan?

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