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Age of Sigmar: Ossiarch Bonereaper Sub-Faction Rules Revealed

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Oct 24 2019

The Ossiarch Bonereapers have SIX Sub-factions to explore and GW is teasing rules from each. Check out how they will influence your playstyle on the tabletop.

Game Workshop has surprised me yet again with more Ossiarch Bonereaper rules. I was personally excited before when we got a look at some of the unit rules. I was NOT expecting more Sub-factions rules and GW drops a bomb that there are SIX Sub-factions to work from. It’s a lot to go over so we better get started!

via Warhammer Community

Mortis Praetorians

“First among their kind, the Mortis Praetorians are Orpheon Katakros’ personal army. Disciplined and effective even by the standards of their brethren, these peerless conquerors rely on tactics as much as might to secure victory on the battlefield.”

This Sub-Faction is the Elite Guard of Karakros. They are even better trained than the other warriors of the Ossiarch Bonereapers. Their reputation is so scary that they have a rule for it:

Furthermore, this army is highly defensive. If you’re looking to run Katakros then get ready for an army that plans to win the long game by grinding your opponent to dust beneath your superior armor saves and counter-attacking.


Petrifex Elite

“The Petrifex Elite are a nomadic force of Ossiarch Bonereapers. Rather than maintaining settlements or taking tithe, they crusade across the realms in search of rock-hard fossilised bone. They use this to build incredibly durable bodies, capable of crushing any who would oppose Nagash underfoot.”

Did you think the Mortis Praetorians sounded tough? Well the Petrifix Elite are even tougher – and they don’t need Karakros around to use their Unstoppable Juggernaut ability:

And if you wanted a hero to be REALLY tough, check out the Godbone Armour Relic:

Stalliarch Lords

“The Stalliarch Lords are cruel and capricious, infamous for the dark deals they strike with cities they wish to raze. They are known for making impossible requests, before crushing enemies with hordes of elite cavalry when their outrageous demands are not met.”


Are you looking forward to running a ton of undead construct cavalry all over the battlefield? Because if you are the Stalliarch Lords are for you. They are going to be able to run and charge making them by far the fastest of the Ossiarch Bonereapers.

And if you get into a jam, you can always use their Rally Back Command Ability to retreat and then charge again!

Ivory Host

“On the surface, the Ivory Host are a glorious legion, every bit the exemplars of Nagash’s new order. In battle, the dark truth of these warriors is revealed, as the ferocious spirits in their beast-bone bodies take over, causing them to fall into a savage animal frenzy.”

The Ivory Host army is kind of intriguing. They really benefit from Multi-wound models being mixed in their ranks thank to their unique rule –  Simmering Rage:

This ability does allow them to hit better at the cost of reducing their armor save. That completely swaps how this army plays vs some of the other Sub-Factions for sure! And their General’s can potentially get an extra 5 attacks in the course of a game:


Null Myriad

“Built from the remains of the skeletons who ferried grave-sand in the building of Nagash’s Black Pyramid, the Null Myriad are horrifyingly resilient to magic. Often commanded by Arkhan the Black, these Ossiarchs are used against the hordes of Chaos and other magic-dependant foes.”

Magic got you down? How about an entire army that ignores Magic on a 5+?

This has the potential to really shut down the enemy casters on the tabletop. And if you wanted to toss out Endless Spells of your own, you’re forces would have a 1/3 of a chance to ignore their negative effects themselves. They also have a nasty relic that could give Gotrek a few nightmares:


“Unlike the other Ossiarch legions, the Crematorians are not built to last. Each is cursed with infernal fire, detonating when destroyed in a shower of flaming bone. Their eternal torment is the bane of those who would oppose Nagash, laying armies and cities low in explosions of balefire.”

Look, you’re going to suffer losses and the Crematorians believe that you might as well make that work FOR you. Their Immolation Ability means that they have the last laugh in combat:


They are also the defacto Siege Masters thanks to their ability to ignore cover when making Melee attacks:

Strike these guys down and you might just find a surprise waiting for you…

That’s all of the Sub-Factions for the Ossiarch Bonereapers. You can bet they are going to have even more nasty tricks up their sleeves when the book comes out!

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