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Warhammer 40K: Blood Angels – Where’s Dante?

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Nov 22 2019
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The Blood Angel’s characters were teased with possible datasheets – but where are Dante and the other Characters? Let’s chat.

Yesterday, we got a look at possible new Datasheets for Mephiston, Lemartes, and Astorath. Now, there is the possibility that these were faked, but if they are, they did a pretty good job! I’d personally like to see datasheets like that for future release – but that’s another issue. The “reveals” also hinted at what looked like a new Blood Angel’s codex behind the datasheets:

Note the textured “Blood Angels” is different form the current codex font.


This got us thinking that if there is a new codex on the way at some point later on…where’s Dante’s rules? And what about the rest of the Blood Angels Heroes?

Commander Dante

Dante, in particular, seemed excited about the arrival of the Primaris Marines. He had a discussion with Gabriel Seth about their potential and while Dante was optimistic about their new “Brothers,” Seth was a bit more pragmatic. Now that we know Mephiston has undergone the Primaris Protocol, surely Dante will also under go the operation, right? Heck, if Calgar did it so that his men would follow, surely Dante will also.

Then again, I have a feeling that Dante might be mysteriously absent in the next chapter of Psychic Awakening. It seems like Mephiston might be taking center stage on this leg. Perhaps they are saving a “Dante Reborn” for when this new Blood Angels Codex is released. Maybe he’s busy – I’m sure there is a mountain of paperwork to fill out when your Chapter and most of your successors are almost wiped out…

Gabriel Seth


I think that Gabriel Seth is going to be just fine. I doubt he under goes the Primaris Protocol at all. However, I do wonder what, if any, rules changes are made for him. Also, are we going to get an updated datasheet for him as well? That would be kinda cool.

The Sanguinor

Here is another character I wouldn’t worry about too much in the next chapter. While this model is mostly fine, it’s not exactly a Marine that can under go the Primaris Protocol. That said, I always kind of wished that this model was a bit…bigger. I know that the Sanguinor isn’t supposed to win the day solo, but I always wished it was just a slighly more epic model. Then again, with this whole Psychic Awakening happening, and the fact that the Sanguinor is (supposedly) a Psychic Manifestation, there is a change GW takes this opportunity to Primaris-size the Sanguinor model, even if they don’t change his keywords.

Brother Corbulo

What about Brother Corbulo? Charged with carrying the Red Grail, he’s the Chief Apothacary for the Blood Angels. Given the fact that Mephiston underwent the Primaris Protocol, wouldn’t Corbulo be the one who ensures that the procedure works out? Or maybe he’s the one that oversees the whole thing. Would it make more sense for him NOT to undergo it until later? Or should he be one of the first to undergo the knife? I think a case could be made either way.

Also, what about new rules for this hero? The extra hits on 6s is nice, but I’ve always felt it was a little lacking and could use something to help it be a bit more attractive to take.

Captain Tycho?


Look: He’s dead. We get it. BUT hear me out.

Last we heard of Tycho, he had lept into a mountain of Orks, never to be seen again. But what if the Blood Angels did manage to find Tycho at the end of the battle. Or what’s left of him. And they took those remains and put them in a coffin. And then they put that coffin in a Robot! Yeah, I’m talking about making Tycho a Dreadnought!

Like this, but black and call it “Death Company Redemptor Tycho” – or something. Maybe add more skulls? OR a second Power Fist? Maybe a Multi-melta? You get the idea.

The point is that the Blood Angels have a more than a few characters we still haven’t seen rules or models for. Psychic Awakening is around the corner and it sure looks like a new Blood Angels Codex isn’t far behind. What do you think will happen to these other Blood Angel heroes?


What do you think the Odds are for Dante to get Primaris’d?

Author: Adam Harrison
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