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Warhammer 40K: Please Don’t Nerf My Space Marines

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Dec 5 2019

Brothers (and Sororitas), let’s talk about my greatest worry.

Space Marines are in a dang good place right now. They are finally performing as well on the tabletop as they do in the fluff, and are the force to be reckoned with they should be. Of course, this success has made players jealous. It’s only been a few months since Space Marines got their books, and people are already asking for them to be nerfed. How ridiculous is that, I mean they did actually nerf both Iron Hands and Salamanders already, now they want more? The green monster, jealousy that is, not Orks, or Salamanders, is a horrible beast indeed. Let us talk about why you shouldn’t nerf Marines.

The Big Issue

Legit question for Warhammer Players- how do I kill the 30-50 feral shield drones that run onto my table within 3-5 mins while I try to play? I mean I think this is something we’ve all seen, just look at the tournament results. 30-50 feral Tau drones are a real issue out there, and even Space Marines, the so-call OP army, have real problems with them. If you take anything away from my Marines, I seriously worry that the entire competitive scene will be overrun with packs of 3-50 feral drones within weeks. That would be just too horrible; we can’t have non-Imperial armies dominating the Meta! What is this, 2018?


We’ve Lost So Much Already

The past few months have seen Space Marines lose so much already, that further nerf’s would be totally unjustified. First, we saw Iron Hands get some major nerfs, and that sucked because I was really looking forward to facing five Iron Hands players in a row at the next event I go to. I don’t think I’ve ever played one in a tournament before and was looking forward to making up for the lost time. Sure it might lead to a bunch of mirror matches, but mirror matches are after all the best test of a player’s skill. Just a couple weeks later we saw Salamanders get nerfed as well, taking down the rising star of  Marines in a tragic move. This was doubly annoying for me as I had just gotten down switching my Iron Hands over to Salamanders, and now I have to change to Raven Guard; it’s very inconvenient.

After these considerable losses, we got some more hits in Psychic Awakening. First off, we lost a TON of CPs, spent on new character upgrades, what a hit. Next, Chaos Marines got better, which, of course, is a secret nerf for regular Marines. Lastly, Blood Angels, which are Marines, but not really Marines, got all our cool stuff AND can soup with Marines now! UGG, way to dilute my pure two successor chapters mixed army with Blood Angels soup. Geh.


Finally, just today, we got hit MORE NERFS! Legends came out, and we’ve lost a ton of important and critical units. Those Land Raider Terminus Ultras I converted in 2017 when Guilliman was super broken – they are gone forever now! And those random Space Marine characters on bikes I converted for that one netlist I found, also gone now. It’s a major shame. I guess there are also people out there who use those models for fun, but they can just ask their friends if they can use them, and it’s cool. Not me, however, I’m a hardcore Space Marine tournament player, and obviously, I don’t have a lot of friends. In the grim darkness of the far future, you cannot afford friendships; I’m not a T’au.


Ok, folks real talk here. I just got this army together, my epic new Space Marine army I rushed to get when they started to look really hot. Do you know how much effort it took to borrow the perfectly optimized list from other players I know around here (not friends obviously)? It was a lot of work, getting all these random models from people just to use at events took a lot of begging and relying on the goodwill of others. Sure it means my three squads of Assault Centurions are different colors, one is green, one is blue, and one is red, but to be honest, that just makes it easier to switch to the best Chapter as needed.


So many rules choices!


Anyway, the point is that if you nerf Space Marines and they aren’t the best, all this work will have been wasted. Heck, I even primed a few models and dashed lines on them to meet 3- color standards, was that all for nothing? Just thinking about returning all these models, or eBaying them, so that I can borrow or beg units for whatever is best instead of Space Marines (do I need to get my own pack of feral drones?) is giving me hives. At least I didn’t run out and actually buy a full army with my own hard-earned money if I had a nerf would hurt even worse!


Final Thoughts

Look, I know its all just rumors and people wishing aloud on the internet, but PLEASE DON’T NERF MY MARINES. Wishing and asking things on the internet has real consequences, man, and I don’t want ever to have to face those. Can’t you just like let me, and other Marine players have this one for now? We all know 9th Edition is coming soon, likely in the summer. Would it really be so bad if the meta was just solid Marines until then, it’s only like six months? How about until then, don’t knock Marines down, let us have some fun, and then change some rules with 9th to switch things up if you need to. Doesn’t that sound… fair?


Please tell me how to deal with 30-50 feral drones, down in the comments! 

Author: Abe Apfel
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