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Warhammer 40K: Ritual of the Damned – Three Questions

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Dec 28 2019
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Games Workshop dropped some clues for what’s next with Ritual of the Damned – but that just means we’ve got questions.

If you’ve been busy this past week we totally understand. It would make sense if you’ve missed the news about Ritual of the Damned and the fancy video GW put out on Christmas Day:

We got the first sight of the new Dark Angels Primaris Character – Master Lazarus, formerly a Sergeant and new Captain of the 5th Company.

We kinda called this one. It was really three options for a Primaris Character and Lazarus was probably the most obvious. Anyhow, let’s get on to the juicy stuff. Games Workshop teased some new stuff coming for the Dark Angels, Grey Knights, and Thousands Sons. Check it out:

via Warhammer Community

For the Dark Angels, this book brings the Chapter into line with recent Space Marines updates, and also includes lots of juicy new rules content, especially for Deathwing and Ravenwing commanders.

The Grey Knights get plenty of new tricks too, including a particularly powerful new ability called Masters of the Warp, which rewards you for taking a dedicated army of Grey Knights, channelling a specific aspect of the warp to provide an army-wide bonus.


The Thousand Sons can now dedicate their Sorcerers to one of the nine Cults of the Legion – a callback to their arcane roots on fallen Prospero – providing them with a plethora of new tactical options.

Our Question Is…

For the Dark Angels, they are getting new rules “especially for Deathwing and Ravenwing commanders.” So our question for them is basically “like what?” What new rules are they getting? Are we talking new sub-faction like tactics or just some new stratagems? Are they getting rules to help them run “mono-wing” armies or are these going to work for mixed Dark Angel’s forces. Can folks run an entire Deathwing Army and have it actually be effective on the tabletop?!

For Grey Knights, they are getting a new ability that benefits a dedicated army of Grey Knights called “Masters of the Warp.” Our questions for them is “how, exactly, does that impact their army?” Will this new ability allow them to mess with Psychic Powers more? Are they going to be able to actually use the same powers/set of powers multiple times per phase? If Grey Knights were allowed to have multiple units cast Gate of Infinity per turn (as an example) you can bet they would start to get a lot more attention. Masters of the Warp does sound like it has something to do with traveling through the warp or at least being able to manipulate it more. Perhaps they are going to be able to harness Smite effectively.


As for the Thousand Sons – well, we kinda called this one, too.

While GW is allowing the Thousand Sons to dedicate their sorcerers to one of the nine cults, our question is “Why do they get NINE?!” I mean, Tzeentch, I get it. But where are the other 4 cults coming from? And what will each cult do for them, specifically? Are we talking 9 new stratagems or are the Thousands Sons about to get 9 different special rules that they can choose from based on their army? Options – the sons of Magnus has them!

Okay – so that was way more than 3 questions. And the answers will come with time. For now, I’m guessing we’re left to ponder what the heck these answers will be. Are Grey Knights going to make a triumphant return or will they still be considered a weak army? Are we about to see a Deathwing/Ravenwing combo unlike previous editions? And what about the Thousand Sons and their NINE different Cult options? Mighty indeed.


What do you think these teasers are…teasing? Let us know in the comments!


Author: Adam Harrison
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