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40K: Ingredients for Cooking the Perfect Eldar Soup

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Mar 24 2020
Today 40K players, find out what makes a great Eldar dinner with several of our favorite ingredients.Today we are going to look at small detachments or groups of models that every Eldar player can use to build a great soupy army.  

“I Can’t See You, You Can’t See Me”

Craftworld Spear Head—Masterful Shots/Expert Crafters
  • Autarch
  • 3x Nightspinners
Best served with some other vehicles to take the heat off of the night spinners, this detachment is great for digging out Space Marines in cover. At Strength 7 Damage 2, the Nightspinners reliably kill two or 3 bodies a turn, or A Thunderfire cannon if they all blast at it. The Autarch provides a preroll ones to hit bubble, and with the master artisan type preroll you can flip a 2 into a hit as well. Highly efficient and good to dig out problem targets. At the very least this unit can secure an ITC kill for you in a pinch. Indirect fire remains one of the strongest things in the game!

“That Kitchen Knife You Use for Everything”

Alaitoc or Masters of Concealment/Expert Crafters Airwing
  • 3x Crimson Hunters
Best paired with…Whatever the hell you want, basically. While these guys have fallen a bit out of favor because of full Marine rerolls, they are still some of the best anti-tank firepower that Eldar has. Take them as Alaitoc for the durability, or as a custom Craftworld for similar durability and more reliability on their firepower. Use them in full mech builds, or to complement a sidedish of Shining Spears. Best to paint them all the same color, so when you say that they all belong to you people believe it.

“Sir, You Said All the Meat?”

Prophets of Flesh Battalion
  • Haemonculus (Vexator Mask)
  • Urien Rakarth
  • 3×3 Talos (Macro-scalpel, chain flail, 2x haywire)
This is the main course if you want to bring hard-hitting, durable units. Eldar is generally squishy. Talos are not. They pair well with Harlequin Skyweavers or Fire Prisms. Since this hearty selection will run you over 1,000 points you want to pair it with choices that are efficient by themselves. You don’t want to spend your detachments and points on psykers to cast doom and jinx that the Talos won’t benefit from anyway.

“That’s Not on the Menu.”

Craftworld Supreme Command
  • Jain Zar
  • Maugan Ra
  • The Avatar of Khaine
  • Eldrad “The Dad” Ulthan
Do you have what it takes for this? You can pair it with…nothing? Actually just go ahead and run as many Wraithknights as will fit. If you win even one game at a tournament with this particular choice I will sing your praises until the end times. This is the master chef detachment.

“Our Specials Tonight Include Lions, Tigers, and Spears, Oh My!”

Saim Hann or Hunters of Ancient Relics/Superior Shurikens Outrider
  • Warlock Skyrunner
  • 9x Shining Spears (Withdraw)
  • 9x Shining Spears (Skilled Rider)
  • 5x Swooping Hawks
Shining Spears are HOT right now. Like avocado toast, some people can’t get enough of them. They figure into a few different list configurations, but two units and a warlock slide in at just under 700 points. You’ll need some more psykers to make them work like a dream, but the rest of the list can range from grav-tanks and Crimson Hunters providing fire support, to even more Spears, or even Harlequin Skyweavers. The sky is the limit with this unit right now, and if you’re not trying them out, I’d highly recommend sampling this one. What do you put into your Eldar soup?  

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