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Age of Sigmar: Shadow Aelves Hints & Teasers

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Apr 3 2020
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The inhabitants of the Realm of Shadow might be a whole lot closer than we thought!

Earlier this week, we learned the origins of the Ossiarch Bonereaper’s Fortifications courtesy of StormCast Episode 33. Model Painter Jay Goldfinch told the tale of how those came to be. Now, we get yet another teaser that there is more new stuff for the Realm of Shadow on the way.

Towards the end of the show, the conversation treads toward talk of the different realms in AoS and how Jay would paint/design those realms. When they get to Ulgu, the Realm of Shadow, we get a great description of how it would work – and we also get an off the cuff revelation:

via Warhammer TV

Jay Goldfinch: So Realm of Shadow is an interesting one. Uhmm..*laughter* It-It would…there’s certainly some ideas…uhhh…I mean thankfully this isn’t live – I’ve already done it.

Whoa – stop the presses! The terrain for the Realm of Shadow has already been painted? Again, Jay works on models and projects so the photography team can take pictures of these items. It’s a lot of specialty and some random one-off projects specific to the photoshoots. So of course you’d need to work on those items right alongside the models getting painted. Once the models and terrain is painted, the photoshoots can happen and then those can be sent over to the folks who work on the battletomes and such for layouts.

The point is if the terrain for Ulgu is already done, then that had to be for a project that involved the Realm of Shadow. Why ELSE would he have been working on it?


Ulgu is the Realm of Shadow and it’s ruled over by Malerion. We’ve had other teases about these creatures of shadow coming in other books already. And we’ve got the Lumineth Realm-lords on the horizon right now. We know that these two realms are very interconnected. So it would make total sense that GW has been working on the Shadow Aelves in secret. This is just confirmation that the terrain has been painted already.

After the events of the Wrath of the Everchosen, it seems like the Aelven gods are going to have to step-up to relocate Slaanesh anyhow. Perhaps this is the trigger that will unleash both the Lumineth Realm-lords and their shadowy counter-parts…

We may be on the cusp of another Aelf Army announcement or we could be many months away. We don’t have a timeline on this release schedule – especially with all the craziness happening currently in the world. However, we know that this is being worked on by the GW staff and something is coming from the Realm of Shadow.



Thanks to the local AoS players who pointed me at this episode of the StormCast. I’m going to have to make this regular listening from now on!

Author: Adam Harrison
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