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Goatboys 40K Showcase: Juggers of Goat!

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Jul 9 2020

Goatboy with another Hobby post. I’d like you to all meet the Space Goats Jugger-cav.

I am setting up a few of these as I took some pictures of Chaos character stuff.  Holy crude I have made a ton of Chaos Characters.  All riding, jumping, and wielding all manners of chaos nonsense.  In fact it is probably my favorite thing to do – build some kind of Chaos character out of my pile of bits.  It is just relaxing to figure out some kind of neat conversion and get to building.  With that in mind – will go into the Juggernauts of the Goat.  I have more of these as my initial counts as army – Space Goats – had a whole pile of these in the list.  I couldn’t find all of them as these are my newer ones to match 6th and 7th edition death star nonsense.  I won’t lie – it is pretty sad to see these guys not able to be field currently due to the Warhammer Legends status granted to any riding their good buddy a juggernaut onto the battlefield.  Anyway – lets go down memory lane with some Juggernauts.

The Goat Lord

This is the last Space Goat I painted back for a 6th/7th Edition Death Star army.  I always liked this crazy murder beasts from the Warriors of Chaos and when you could get bits easier online I grabbed a few to create some unique Juggernaut Riders.  Of course these were counts as Thunder Wolf stuff so while Chaos – they pretended to be Imperium to get those sweet Stormshields and powerfists.


The Four Goatmen of the Apocalypse

Starting from the left this was one of the last true Chaos Juggernaut riders for 7th edition.  I would run him with some Chaos Spawn and watch as he charged into combat with his Fist and crazy Axe of Khorne.  I think it was the Axe of Blind Fury if I remember correctly.  Either way he is a true champion of Chaos.  Next up we have another Space Goat Thunder Wolf rider – most likely a Thunder Wolf Lord if I remember correctly.  The fella to his Right is a weird conversion I wanted to do when seeing the Admech Tank tread guys.  I thought he would fit in a Dark Mechanicus army with the plans for Chaos Space to run with him as a mini Chaos Death Star.  Either that or attached to Flesh Hounds of Khorne from back in the day.  The last guy is a Khorne Herald of Juggernaut  His body is metal (I had a ton of old metal juggers used in conversions so I had a bunch of this guys body) mixed with a sweet axe upgrade from the AoS juggernaut riders.

The Goatly Tetrarchs

Here we have a 4-pack of Ironpriest Thunder Wolf riders for my Space Goats army.  Thus the combination of a Thunder Hammer with a Powerfist.  They didn’t get storm shields so that is why they look a bit different.  You can see when I started to do Lava bases to try and get all my armies cohesive for a display board.


Finally we have a trio of Riders with some heavy conversions on some and basically reworking on others.  I always wanted to do a set of riders where the rider had stepped off the beast to challenge someone in combat.  This was the first an only one I did out of them.  The Herald of Khorne is a weird combo kit full of different pieces.  I think I ended up using him as a Skulltaker model back in my head heavy days.  The last one is a paint experiment in speedy NMM style.  I think a bit more work and clean up would make it better but I just didn’t want to get sucked into doing that style.  It was tedious.

I haven’t painted a rider in a long time as we lost the ability to field them.  I am hoping they come back in some kind of release in the future as I miss being able to play these guys.  I also have a ton of them and obviously want to play them in an event or two.


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