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Warhammer 40K: 5 Codexes That Should Get ‘Dibs’ In 9th

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Jul 29 2020

Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition is here and we already know the first two codexes on the way – but which ones should come after? Here’s our list.

In case you missed it, a pair of new Necron and Space Marine codexes are on the way with a release in October. In the meantime, we’re all wondering what books should get a release after that. Now, there is the assumption that with a new book would come new models, too. And while we might get a few one-off models, we’d like to see the codexes come out and bring some more minis with them – or at least consolidate the rules for the army into one place. With that said – let’s dive in!

Ad Mech

The Adeptus Mechanicus recently got a ton of new units. They really could use a new codexes just to consolidate everything into one spot. We also know that GW is planning on releasing at least one more new model for their range, too. Why not throw them a bone and give them a new codex. This one seems like pretty low-hanging fruit for GW as well because they don’t have to do a ton of new models – just combine the new stuff with the old book and they are done. Considering the state of things right now, that might be a good move…


Okay, this is one of those times where we’re hoping that a new codex brings a bunch of new models. The Tyranids need it. They have a lot of older plastics in need of a revamp/update. And they also have room to grow with new, bigger monster kits. They aren’t exactly tearing up the tabletop either – and for an army who’s lore has them as the apex predators who can rapidly adapt and evolve, they feel pretty stagnate at the moment. C’mon GW, pump-up the Tyranids with some new biomass!

Craftworld Aeldari/Drukhari/Ynnari

All three of these armies could use a book. The Craftworld Aeldari codex will hopefully bring in some new updates for those very dated Phoenix Lords and possibly a new Avatar. Anything else would just be gravy. The Drukhari got a unit update and Drazhar in Psychic Awakening – but where’s Vect? And Lelith is possibly returning, too. And what about the Ynarri? They seem to have fallen off the face of the galaxy. Are they about due for a book/revamp? Yes to all of these – ANY of these!

Adeptus Custodes


The Adeptus Custodes feels like it’s missing a few units. It just needs a couple new kits to round-out the range and then it will be to a point where will be more fleshed out. The bones are there for sure – the basic range has most of the key pieces. But another Lieutenant-type character would be nice. So would a Custodes-specific Transport/flyer. Forge World has some cool ideas and perhaps those could get reworked into plastic kits for the Emperor’s Golden Boys.

All Other Space Marines (Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves)

Look, this is way more of a “Duh” thing but all the books that didn’t get supplements and had their own codex need updates. Yes, we know that they are getting rolled into the Space Marine book in October and are getting a new codex supplements. Those need to come out pretty quick after the Space Marine codex as well just for the sake of clarity. We’re hoping we get more info on these books as well as GW’s plan on how they will work with the Space Marine Codex, too.


Well, that’s our list. And yes, it’s technically more than 5 codexes. There were a lot to choose from. Chaos, Orks, and T’au were all in okay spots right now. As were the other armies in the Imperium. They need books, too – but these “5” armies probably needed more help which is why we picked them. So what order should they get released? That’s a whole OTHER discussion.


What books need the most help and why? You’ve seen our list now give us yours!


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