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Warhammer 40K: ‘Indomitus Set’ Units From Chapter Approved

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Jul 28 2020

Chapter Approved is out and about and we’re curious about these new “Indomitus Set” units.

The new Chapter Approved 2020 is out in the wilds and it’s got some surprises in the covers. For starters, it is ring bound so it will say open and flat when you have it opened to a mission. It’s also two books and they are both smaller than previous editions. Oh, and the GT book has all the rules included with the glossary, too. Seriously, it’s a sweet little package.

Aside from all that, there are of course the points. And if you have the new Indomitus Box, this book is currently the only place to find these points. Not that big of a deal, but the points are actually located in their own section – under “Indomitus Set”:

This has all the units you’d expect to see which are probably all the units from the Boxed Set. But it’s also got a few that aren’t in the box. Infact, these units aren’t even out yet. So…which units?

Space Marines

  • Firestrike Servo-turret
  • Invader ATV
  • Chaplain on Bike



  • Canoptek Doomstalker
  • Lokhust Heavy Destroyers

So what gives? Why are these units listed under the Indomitus Set? GW did announce and show off all these models already – but they haven’t announced a release date. In fact, the only release date we have for new products right now are that the Necron and Space Marine Codexes are being released in October.

Our guess is that these models will probably get released in between now and when the codexes are released. Why else would you need the point values in Chapter Approved if these kits are being released right along side the codexes? But what if the new codexes don’t have points? …Nah, we doubt GW would go that far. And based on the same logic, since we know there are more Space Marine units inbound, those points would have to be included in the codex since they aren’t listed in Chapter Approved.

Another idea is that maybe all these models were supposed to be released alongside the Indomitus box initially. However, due to the global pandemic and the demand for Indomitus, GW might have had to switch gears and push-back these releases a couple weeks. August is almost here and we still have September releases to worry about. I’m expecting to see GW release the rest of the Lumineth Realm-lords and the Sons of Behemat during that time (hopefully).

Anyhow, these 5 units are set apart from the rest of their respective lists as “Indomitus Set” – along with everything that was actually inside the Indomitus Launch Box. We don’t know why they were included other than the fact that GW announced them. But if that was the only factor, where are the points for the Hammerfall Bunker? Or the Convergence of Dominion points?


We are fully expecting to see more of the models from the Indomitus Set get re-packaged as individual releases, too. And not just in new Starter Boxes either. GW is going to have a TON more 40k releases in the coming months – Indomitus Set or not!


Eh, at least we got the points in Chapter Approved, right?

Author: Adam Harrison
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