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Warhammer 40K: Indomitus – Necron Point Values

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Jul 18 2020

If you’ve been eyeing the new Necrons in the Indomitus Boxed set and wanted to know how many points they tally up to be then come on in!

Indomitus might be sold out and going Made-to-Order but if you were lucky enough to get a pre-order, then you might want to know how many points worth of stuff you’re getting. We’ve put together this guide to help you out! Let’s check out how many points the Necrons will add to your collection.

Note: All of these points are based off the ones listed in the upcoming Chapter Approved Munitorum Field Manual – these points include wargear.

Overlord – 90

Royal Warden – 80

Plasmancer – 80

Skorpekh Lord – 130

Skorpekh Destroyer – 40 points per model, 3 models = 120
+Plasmacyte – 15


Cryptothralls – 20 points per model, 2 models = 40

Canoptek Reanimator – 110

Necron Warriors – 12 points per model, 20 models = 240

Canoptek Scarab Swarms – 15 points per model, 6 models – 90

Total: 995



Just shy of 1000 points worth of Necrons is not a bad deal at all! That’s plenty to get an army up and running. If you’re playing Power Level, games those points are provided in the Indomitus Box but here they are for completeness:

Overlord – 5

Royal Warden – 4

Plasmancer – 4

Skorpekh Lord – 7

Skorpekh Destroyer – 3 models =  6, +Plasmacyte = 7

Cryptothralls – 2 models = 2

Canoptek Reanimator – 5

Necron Warriors – 10 models = 5, 11+ models = 10


Canoptek Scarab Swarms – 3 models = 2, 4+ = 4

Total: 48 Power Level

So there you have it! The Necrons in the Indomitus Box are certainly a great launching point for your own Dynasty – new or old. For brand new players, it’s the right amount of points/power level to allow you to build and paint up and learn the game and the army. For veteran Necron Overlords, it’s almost 1000 points of new models or options they didn’t have before. 20 Necron Warriors with the new Gauss Reapers along with all the new options will open up a new batch army builds for you.


What do you think of the Points Totals? Was that about what you expected or was it higher/lower than your estimates?

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