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Warhammer 40K: The Necrons Of Indomitus

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Jul 6 2020

We’ve got the boxed set and we’ve built the models – come take a closer look at the assembled Necrons!

I still can’t get over how all these models were push fit. But now that we’ve got them built and here in the studio there is no denying how awesome these new Necron models are. We rushed to get them assembled to see what they would look like actually built. These are bare plastic models but they won’t stay that way for long. At the same time, it’s good to get a look at them in this state compared to a painted version as now we can tell what sorts of details you can expect on the bare model:

All Hail Our Robot Overlords

The new Necrons are fantastic. It’s a major upgrade from the previous versions. These models, while being push fit, are bigger, more dynamic, and more intimidating that their previous edition. There was something to be said about the metal legions marching to war and having lots of them on the tabletop was a sight to behold. But now, they seem to stand out a bit more and it’s a really cool looking army.


In the box we’ve got quite a few units. It’s a perfect amount of Necrons to kick off a army. From the Overlord down to Scarabs, the model count is going to tick all those boxes. I’m personally really digging the new Overlord sculpt as it’s just more dynamic and intimidating than the previous incarnations. But my favorite model of the batch was probably the Skorpekh Lord

If I were to kick off a new Necron army, I’d probably go with a Skorpekh themed army. This model is great and I really hope we get more from these new Skorpekh units in the future.


Speaking of Sporpekh, we also got a look at their unit rules and as mentioned in the video, they do have different weapons. They will make for some solid close combat options provided they get into the right units. They can easily cut down most infantry in the game:

GW still has some surprises for the Necrons and there is more stuff on the way. I can’t wait to see the armies that folks will be building and painting. These new Minis are great launching point and just a great sign of things to come from GW.


Who’s excited about the new Necrons in the Indomitus Boxed Set?!



Author: Adam Harrison
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