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Cosplay: The Characters of ‘The Legend Korra’ Recreated by Fans

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Aug 28 2020

With the recent arrival on Netflix of LoK, we’re taking a look at some of the most screen-ready cosplays inspired by the series.

The word is out on the street, and after the world binge-watched through all of Avatar: The Last Airbender earlier this year leading to a frenzy for the franchise, Netflix made the decision to bring Legend of Korra to their platform. With the continued popularity of ATLA, and the new (to some) shininess of LoK, a new fascination and excitement has come into in the fandom as many people are able to access the series for the first time. This week, we’re going to feature a few of the best Cosplays from the hit show.

The Avatar

Korra: “I’m the Avatar, you gotta deal with it!”

Korra Cosplayer: Van Helen Cosplay

Korra Cosplayer: Van Helen Cosplay

Mako: “Korra? What can I say? You really came alive in that last round. The way you dodged their attacks… You are a natural.”

Korra: “Thanks, but I can’t take all the credit. Someone else taught me those moves.”


Korra Cosplay: Torremitsu  and Meevers Desu Cosplay

Korra Cosplay: Torremitsu  and Meevers Desu Cosplay

Korra Cosplay: Torremitsu  and Meevers Desu Cosplay

Korra: “Can you believe Hiroshi? “The Avatar’s on the run”. I’m not running from anyone! Let’s go back up there and knock some heads; they’ll never know what hit ’em.”

Mako: “Relax. General Iroh’s coming with an entire fleet of battleships. Then Amon will be the one who’s running.”

Korra: “I hate this “being patient” stuff.”


Cosplayer: Gurl with Red Hair

Korra: “Fighting Is Something The Old Me Would Do. That Always Made Things Worse.”

Asami –Cosplayer Mokrushina Oksana

Asami: “It’s all right. Most people assume that I’m daddy’s helpless little girl, but I can handle myself.” 

Asami Cosplayer: Kamiko-Zero
Mako Cosplayer: GraysonFin
Image: Mokrushina

Asami: “I do like the idea of putting you on a train and sending you far, far away.”


Portrait of Azula

…Ok so it’s not Legend of Korra, but it’s gorgeous! Check out this amazing portrait of Azula from Reddit

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