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Star Wars: Armada – Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter Preview

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Nov 17 2020

The Droid fleet is under the spotlight in the latest preview from Fantasy Flight Games – It’s Star Wars: Armada time!

We already got a look at the Galactic Republic’s fleet and now it’s time for the Separatists Alliance’s turn. What types of tricks are these droids packing? What sorts of synergies will their fleet have? Let’s find out.

via Fantasy Flight Games


“Secretly bolstered by an array of corporations, the Separatist Alliance stands in stark contrast to the Galactic Republic. Rather than ships crewed by Jedi and clones working for a common cause, the Separatists’ deep pockets give them the freedom to fight with faceless fleets of mechanized droids. Still, organic beings make up a large chunk of the Separatist high command and it is not uncommon for them to dictate the faction’s larger strategy. “

Meet The Fleet

The First ship up is the Munificent-Class Comms Frigate. It doesn’t pack quite the same punch as a Star Destroyer, but it’s got solid shields and a good engineering rating. These ships are tougher than they might look. They are also support the deadly Vulture-class Droid Fighters as well.


And if you’re feeling spicy, you can take the Haor Chall Prototypes for your droid fighters to really put the hurt on their targets:

The Munificent-Class also has the option for titles to take as well. Here we have a look at two of them that can be added to your fleet:

Now, in terms of who will be in charge of these fleets you’ve got a few other options as well. Count Dooku is one such option:


Alternatively, if you want to keep your fleet mosty organic-free, why not run with the super tactical Kraken droid?

The Droids can also bring some extra crew along for the ride as well. Check out Wat Tambor – a masterful engineer. Or pack in the Battle Droids!

The best part is that you’ll be able to assemble your fleet very soon as the Separatists are slate to ship out on December 4th!


Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter $99.95


War! Commanded by the sinister Count Dooku, the Separatist Alliance has drawn numerous worlds into open insurrection against the Galactic Republic, spreading chaos and tyranny in the name of greed. With its powerful warships and vast reserves of droid forces, the Separatist fleet seems an insurmountable threat to peace and freedom in the galaxy. 

This Fleet Starter provides the building blocks for your own Separatist fleet, starting with a Munificent-class Frigate miniature and two Hardcell-class Transport miniatures. These ships are supplemented by four squadrons of Vulture-class Droid Fighters ready to swarm their enemies. In addition to these miniatures, six ship cards give you the power to choose the exact models that make up your fleet and 20 upgrade cards invite you to fine-tune each ship with iconic officers, powerful weapons, and more. 

No matter how you decide to outfit your fleet, the Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter is an excellent place to begin building your Star Wars: Armada collection. You’ll find all the components necessary to begin playing within this set, including nine attack dice, 10 command dials, eight speed dials, 12 objective cards, six obstacle tokens, a range ruler, and a maneuver tool. Assemble your fleet and destroy the enemy!


It’s clones vs droids – which side are you on?

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