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Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Unlock Your Potential With Alternate Agnes Baker

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Dec 12 2020

This investigator’s got a bit more experience up her sleeve – if you can manage to unlock her full potential.

Fantasy Flight Games is back with another Alternate Investigator for folks. We’ve covered the parallel investors for Skids O’Toole and Daisy Walker. Both of these missions offer a fantastical new way to play the same investigators along with a custom mission they can attempt to complete in hopes of getting another upgrade/benefit or two. You can read how those upgrades scenarios work within their respective articles.

Personally, I’ve really enjoyed these options as they up the risk but the rewards are well worth it – if you can manage to pull them off that is. Otherwise, you might be stuck on an even tougher investigation in the long run. But I digress – we’re here to talk about the unassuming waitress that is Agnes Baker. What she might not know (at least at first) is just how potent the spell casting pumps in her veins. This new version plays with the idea that she’s catching on to the power in her own blood…and what that could mean for her powers in the long run.

via Fantasy Flight Games

For starters, the Parallel Investigator version of Agnes Baker swaps her Health and Sanity. But it’s not just a quick flip-flop…her ability has also changed quite a bit.

If you choose to tap into the power in your blood (literally in this case by taking 1 damage) then you can reduce the cost to play a spell by 2. Additionally, it also cycles the card back into your deck instead of the discard pile. That’s a nice way to keep those spells flowing. That’s not all either, check this out:

“Agnes’s deck is also only 25 cards, because she now has the option to keep the base version of a Spell in her deck when she upgrades one of these cards!” 


That’s kind of amazing! Unfortunately, that also means you’re more likely to draw your weakness (at least early on). And just like previous investigators, Agnes has “upgraded” versions of her signature cards, too:

Minor spoilers, if you can complete her custom mission, there is a chance you can remove (or at least downgrade) your weakness or the chance you can empower your Heirloom. That earns you the more advanced option and it’s well worth the swap.

So just what is Agnes’ mission? Well the special Bad Blood challenge Scenario. It involves a mysterious visitor to Arkham and she and Agnes has some history. Unlocking that just might be the key to success.

Best of all, these cards are all FREE and so is the Scenario. You just need to print them out and you can run them at home with your own gaming group!


Agnes Baker Parallel Investigator Cards

Bad Blood Scenario Rules

If you’re a fan of Arkham Horror and you’re playing through an investigation with Agnes, why not give the alternate version a shot?


Unlock her memories and Agnes can become a powerful force for good in Arkham. Fail and…well, just don’t do that for all our sakes.

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