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Warhammer 40K: Death Guard Units We Need

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Dec 7 2020
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With Codex Death Guard around the corner, let’s go through the codex and minis to see what Grandfather Nurgle really needs.

Yes, yes we know, the Death Guard aren’t going to be out till next year.  That said, next year is only 3 weeks away in GW advanced order time, and I fully expect them to come along in January. Now rangewise the Death Guard are in an amazing spot. You will recall they got their full codex and an all new plastic range at the dawn of 8th in the Dark Imperium boxed set and follow on waves. They have a sold range and it entirely plastic.

All shiny, new, and gross. Love em!

But of course, there is always room for improvement.  Here’s my list of what directions GW could easily expand the range. Some of these are minis, some are rules for existing minis, perhaps with merely an expansion sprue.

Death Guard Havocs

Now I’m not thinking of long-ranged standoff guys. The Death Guard aren’t into that kind of thing. I’m talking about some nasty close-range things that spew the gross stuff, or blunderbuss type weapons. Small groups of heavily armed Plaguemarines with the exotic weapons and the durability to walk over there and shoot the bad guys in the face. Short to medium ranged mortar teams could be welcome too.

DG Possessed

I think the Possessed datasheet in the 8th Codex is a bit of a placeholder. It gets the job done, but it’s nothing to write home about.  A unit of new Death Guard Possessed minis all hulked out, leaking, and halfway between the current twisted models and spawn would give the Design Studio a lot to play with in the statline and special rules department. Also more sassy Nurglings please. There can NEVER be too many sassy Nurglings.

DG Jump Troops

OK, this one requires some explanation. I can already hear you from here (and I’m in Texas). “The Death Guard are slow…, they can’t have fast movers!” But here’s the funny thing. The Death Guard did use assault troops with jump packs. Big lumbering packs to haul their bloated bulk into the skies. We’re not talking Eldar Swooping Hawks here, we’re talking sickly bumble-bees. I’m not even sure I would give this unit Deep Strike. Just a faster movement stat (say 10″), and some assault weapons.  These guys would be inspired by my all time favorite piece of Horus Heresy artwork up there.  I bet those guys would get +2A from Shock Assault! SMUSH!!!

What if this made out with a Bloat Drone?


DG Flyer-Transport

Now I’m not talking about some fast highspeed nimble thing like the Heldrake or the Crimson Hunter. This is the Death Guard. I’m thinking about something horrid like a lumpen, bloated Arvus Lighter farting it’s way around the table, dropping sacks of sickly, glowing  who-knows-what on those below, before stumbling to a landing and coughing out a squad of Death Guard.  I’m sure the design studio can come up with something that won’t entirely gross us out. But it should come close. Can sphincters be access points?

Nauseous Rotbone

Mortarion’s personal Plague Surgeon gets an entire panel of detail in the codex, and no rules. GW needs to fix that. The Plague Surgeon is an underpowered unit that really needs buffing, so while you’re at it, how about a new named character. We already have the Marine Master of the Apothecarion to use as a comparison. I’m sure they could make a good putrefying counterpart.

What are You Hoping Grandfather Nurgle brings the Legion for Christmas?

Author: Larry Vela
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