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Age of Sigmar Breaking: New Vampires Sighted!

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Jan 19

Players have been waiting a very, very long time for Vampire Counts to “rise again” in the Mortal Realms.  It looks like it’s happening. Take a look.

This image is doing the rounds on Twitter, Facebook AoS Groups, several forums, and European sites. That certainly looks like an all-new faction to me.  Meet the “Soulblight Gravelords”, apparently the successors to Vampire Counts and probably the newest Death Battletome. This fellow is a Vampire Lord.


UPDATE: GW Releases Offical Pics of the Model Here

The (very blurry) Mini

This is a really interesting one. We have a thin figure up on a rock like the Drukhari Archon mini in a way. It is holding what appears to be a mace, and holding a shield with a serpentine sigil. The upper part is where it gets dicey thanks to the only working potato camera in 2021! There’s a lot of negative space up there, and I can’t tell if the head and shoulders are painted a light color, or if we have a lot of hollow spaces as we see in Nighthaunts and Eltharion.

The thin red trails leading away from the head appear to be capped by fluttering bats. Nagash approves!

Some company, at last!

We have no idea if this is part of the Weekend Reveal Seminar, but the event is called “The DEAD and the Divine”. Just saying.

Let me be the first to hiss, SYLVANIA FOREVER!


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