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Age of Sigmar: What I Hope the Vampires Get

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Jan 20

Saturday really can’t come soon enough, but I hope it’s not too sunny…

Well, the grainy promo pics have been confirmed by GW, and we now know what most of us theorized from the beginning; Saturday’s preview is going to feature Lumineth reinforcements and the return of the Soulblight Vampires. While the new glowy aelves on kangaroos is certainly awesome, my horror-junkie heart is mainly here for the new fang boys, and while we don’t know the extent of the release, we can certainly theorize or whish for what we want. So, with that in mind, here are three things that I hope we get with the upcoming Vampiric release.

New Blood Knights

My thoughts about Finecast aside, these models have looked the same for a very long time, and the single-pose nature of them leaves little in the way of customization options. I’m hoping that we’ll see a new kit that will make the knights a bit bulkier (maybe Dracoth/Kavlos size) and give them some more options for poses. I doubt in the new age of AoS we’ll get much in the way of weapon customization, but some additional bits to denote champions or multiple flag options would be fun.

Mounted Vampire Lord

Lumineth are getting a new mounted leader, and most of the other races that include heavy cavalry have a cavalry lord, so it stands to reason that if the Blood Knights get sized up, a Nightmare-mounted Vampire would as well. I was always a fan of the Blood Dragon bloodline in Fantasy, and being able to build a regal, knightly lord leading his cavaliers into battle would be a lot of fun. It would also be a good release against the new Lumineth Kanga-riders, maybe even a good pair of heroes for a battlebox.

New Undead Monster

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Vampire Dragon and Terrorgheist models and think they make great mounts for Vampire Lord and Ghoul King’s current iteration. However, with the rise of big monster models and godly heroes, the Vampire range could do with a monster-sized power boost. It wouldn’t even have to be a big creature necessarily, maybe a remake of the Coven Throne or something like that, but I definitely think they need SOMETHING. If not a monster, they should make the vampire lord as scary as it used to be, an army by itself capable of dealing with almost any opponent.


What are you hopeful for this weekend?

Bring on Saturday!

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