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Star Wars Armada: The Clone Wars Big Ships Revealed

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Jan 29 2021

Let’s talk about the newest announcements for Star Wars Armada.

This week FFG announced the next wave of ships for Star Wars Armada. This wave includes 4 new capital ships for the Clone Wars era. Let’s take a look at what was revealed.

Venator-Class Star Destroyer

The Venator class is a ship we’ve all been waiting for and one of the cooler looking ships in the game. This ships acts as the main battleline ship of the Republic fleet. In combat, the ship has a pretty similar fire output to a Victory-Class Star Destroyer, with slightly better defenses with an extra point of hull and frontal shields.  This makes it a powerful and sturdy ship, though not quite strong enough to take on an ISD in a slugging match. Of course, this makes perfect sense since the ISD and VSD replaced the Venator.

Guns aren’t everything of course. The Venator-II we can see has a massive Squadron value of 5 making it one of if not the best carriers in the game. With the right upgrades it can push a really amazing amount of squadrons across the table. At 90 pts we can see the Venator-I is more expensive than a VSD, but cheaper than an ISD. With good upgrades, it looks like a real close ranged brawler. We can’t quite see it’s movement, but if it comes out at three these will be pretty deadly ships.

Pelta-Class Frigate

The Pelta-Class, first seen in the Rebel fleet makes a return as well. This unmodified version losses some firepower, but keeps the same hull. This ship is another light support ship for the Republic fleet.

Based on the 45 pts for the Transport version these ships appear to be a bit cheaper than the Rebel versions. I’m not sure how great a red/black dice mix works on a slow speed 2 ship, but we will have to see the entire set of cards. Of note is that while they don’t appear to have the Fleet Command upgrade slot, they instead have the Fleet Support slot, letting them do some interesting things.

Providence – Class Dreadnought 

The Providence-class is a powerful type of Separatist battleship, in many ways their answer to the Venator. It’s weapon loadout is pretty reminiscent of the Home One type of MC80. This ship is primarily a broadside bombardment ship. However the Providence retains a pretty strong front arc, and while it has worse side shields has a massive  5 frontal shields. It might have trouble going toe-to-toe with a Venator, due to it having issues with getting double arcs on enemies (though if it can, watch out!), but this ship is pretty deadly from any facing.


We can also see that the Dreadnought version has a crazy upgrade bar, with two turbolasers, ion cannons, ordnance, and weapon teams among its options. The addition of black dice makes it much more deadly at close range than the MC80. While not cheap, this looks like a really scary ship.

Recusant-class Destroyer

Lastly, we’ve got the CIS Recusant destroyer. The Recusant is pretty interesting, its got a lot of red dice, giving it some great long range firepower. On top of that its black dice mean getting close to it can hurt. It’s got a really wonky fire arc set up, making it very hard to get double arcs with it.



With 8 hull and 3 shields the ship is deceptively strong, and not a light ship at all. At 85 pts it’s not cheap either. If used right it can certainly do some damage. Overall this ship looks really interesting, but it looks like a ship you’ll need to really work at to make good.

Let us know what you think of the new ships, down in the comments!

Author: Abe Apfel
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