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Warhammer 40K Next Week: A Plague Of New Nurgle Releases

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Jan 10 2021

The Death Guard are back in a big way next week with pre-orders for a new codex, new minis, and a new host of diseases ready to infect your games!

Get ready for daemonic diseases to spread across the grim darkness of the distant future more virulently than ever before with the release of a new Death Guard codex alongside a host of new minis. With a plague of new nurgle releases on the horizon, come take a look at what you can expect. And don’t worry about those festering boils that seem to be chanting joyously the name of Grandfather Nurgle, that’s probably nothing to worry about.

Not for long, anyway. Here’s a look at what’s coming out. First up, the new Death Guard codex available in regular and collector’s editions. The collector’s edition has the same art, extended all the way to the edge of the book, and comes with a soft-touch cover.

There’s also a brand new Combat Patrol boxed set, so if you’re seeing this and you want to Start Collecting Death Guard, you’ll want to grab this Combat Patrol box.

As you can see, it comes with Typhus, Plague Marines, Poxwalkers, and a Biologus Putrifier, which should have all of us fondly remembering the launch of 8th Edition. But there’s a new mini included, the Lord of Virulence, “a fearsome leader clad in ancient, mutilated Terminator armour ready to dispense his god’s ‘blessings’ from the barrel of their plague spewer.”


Sure he fell to Chaos in the ancient past, but his sculpt is all-new. Speaking of new sculpts, check out the Miasmic Magnifier.


This is a plague spreading bit of terrain that will help your Contagions of Nurgle go even further. And if that’s not enough for you, you can grab yourself the new Chosen of Mortarion.

These are three champions who all bear weapons reminiscent of Mortarion himself. Surrounded by bells and flies and with distressingly misplaced faces in some instances, they are sure to add some deadly new options to you army. Oh but speaking of new options, what’s this?

Poxwalker boxes are back? And there’s talk of a “new and improved datasheet” just around the corner? Sign me up!


Want it all in one set? Grab the Contamination Corps Collection and get yourself a piece of signed artwork as well, for those of you who’ve truly give themselves to Nurgle.

All this, next week.

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