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Cosplay: Diablo 3 Demon Hunter

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Feb 26

The Demon Hunter is one of the pivotal characters in the Diablo franchise. Let’s take a look at a stunning Diablo Demon Hunter Cosplay.

The Diablo games have been a staple of the PC world since as long as I can remember looking at gorgeous game boxes on shelves of stores like Frys. (Too soon?). I always wondered what such games would be like, but sadly only got to play Lemmings and Baldurs Gate. (Not complaining too much, Baldurs Gate was wonderful. GO FOR THE EYES, BOO!!!). As an adult, I stepped into the world of PC games with Diablo 3, playing with my partner as a way to pass the time when we were separated for work.

In particular, the Demon Hunter class has always been my favorite. As a historical archer myself, I am ALWAYS going to sucker myself into playing the ranged character, and who could say no to that gorgeous outfit?!?!

As Blizzard gets ready to launch the fourth installment in this amazing game series, lets take a look at a fabulous Diablo Demon Hunter Cosplay that will rock your socks off and wish you were a Demon.

The Demon Hunter Cosplay

This is an absolutely gorgeous recreation of the Diablo Demon Hunter. Clean lines, gorgeous paint work on the armor, and a crossbow that looks incredibly real at first glance. Simple and elegant construction, which radiates FIERCE for days. I would nooooooot want to be a demon on the other end of that steely stare… (Or would I?!)

Cosplayer: Tasha Cosplay





I have just returned from my travels on the edge of the frozen wasteland known as the Dreadlands, a once-beautiful place forever changed by some great calamity in its history. Now, only ruined cities and bleak landscapes remain, no place for any living thing. I was headed for the village of Bronn for the night, but when I arrived, I found a scene of devastation such as I had never seen before. I should have fled at the first sign of danger, but my curiosity drove me forward. Most of the town’s buildings had been burnt to their foundations, and a few charred timbers were the only sign of where they had once stood. Ash choked my lungs. There were bodies strewn everywhere, many dismembered and some even half consumed. The city was abandoned. Or so I thought.” -Diablo 3 DemonHunter

As long as I’m here, they are the prey. And I am the hunter.” – Demon Hunter


“The Worldstone. It was the power of creation and the birth of our eternal conflict. From the high heavens to the burning hells, our desire to control that power poisoned its very nature. And so I gave my life to destroy it. But its corruption spread. If humanity is to survive, they must stand together and face the rising darkness. Though that may not be enough.” Diablo – Immortal, by Tyrael 

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