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Hordes: More Soldiers For The Wicked Harvest Arrive

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Feb 11

We’re taking a look at two fantastic looks sculpts for the Grymkin faction. The Defiled Archon and Isiah, Dread Harvester!

The recent wave of Grymkin models have been absolutely gorgeous and these 2 are no exception. Let’s jump in!

Defiled Archon

This model comes on a large base and is a mix of resin and metal. The body and wings are resin, while the arms, weapon and head are metal. I love the details all over this model, the faces in the wings are especially cool.


The Defiled Archon has a heavy emphasis on magic. Torrent of Blasphemy is a big deal, letting this Archon hit high defense models and giving your other models +3 range when targeting that model with additional spells. Unleash The Arcane will let you potentially do this twice in a turn, assuming you hit your first target. Gate Walker lets you place the Defiled Archon within 5″ immediately after casting a spell. This has great offensive and defensive implications depending on the situation. The Defiled can lay down a Desecration then pop back to safety. Or after a successful spell can pop forward 5 inches to catch models farther back in your opponent’s army. With 3 good magic abilities that are likely to hit thanks to Torrent of Blasphemy you’ll have lots of options each turn with the Defiled Archon.

Isaiah, Dread Harvester


Another incredibly cool model, Isaiah has a mounted and dismounted form like all Dragoons. The dismounted small base model is all metal. The large base mounted model  is all metal except for the top part of the horse. The details on the undead horse look fantastic and I can’t wait to see some of the paint jobs that people start sharing.

Mounted Stats

Isaiah brings some great support for the Dread Rots, granting them all Spectral Onslaught and Gang. This will turn your Dread Rots into even bigger murder machines, letting them hit accurately, harder, and ignoring terrain when charging. Isaiah also uses the dread rots for protection with Sacrificial Pawn[Dread Rot]. This will let Isaiah feel a lot safer while staying in prime position to charge and get corpse token thanks to Bone Picker and Thresher.

Isaiah isn’t greedy with his corpse tokens though and will hand them out to nearby Dread Rots with one of the longest named abilities in the game, Victuals You Can Neither Raise Nor Buy. A unit or two of Dread Rots, backed by Isaiah is no joke, and will be able to take down some hefty targets if given the opportunity.

Dismounted Stats

Have you ever been so mad you’ve wanted to throw your head at something? Well, Isaiah does just that after being dismounted. Not only that his thrown head has Repurpose[Dread Rot] which will add a boxed living model into a friendly Dread Rot unit! Dismounted Isaiah loses some stats and mobility, but retains all of the important Dread Rot related abilities. Overall, if you want to play Dread Rots, you’ll likely want Isaiah in your list as well.


Wrap Up

Some very exciting releases for Grymkin players, these 2 models are both fantastic looking and have some great abilities. I think Grymkin players have a lot to look forward to right now. And just in case you Grymkin players weren’t excited enough, take a look at the Slaughterhouse coming soon as well!

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