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Warhammer Quest: Cursed City’s New Skeletal Warriors Rock

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Feb 04

Games Workshop has previews of the new Warhammer Quest: Cursed City’s new skeletal warriors known as the Ulfenwatch – and they look stunning!

Here at BoLS we’re pretty excited about the new Warhammer Quest: Cursed City board game coming soon from GW. We don’t know much about the game so far, but the setting is very intriguing. It’s seems like GW is using this launch along with some of the events going on in Age of Sigmar to relaunch some of the classic Death-faction models. Specifically, the Vampires and (now we know) the skeletons. Check out these fantastic new models:

via Warhammer Community

Captain Halgrim


“Hoping to receive the ‘gift’ of the Soulblight curse, Oleksander Halgrim joined the traitorous purge of Ulfenkarn’s nobility. This did not go down well with his fellow officers, who bound him hand and foot and threw him in a sewer pit to be eaten by Corpse Rats. His skeleton was then raised as a Deathrattle officer to lead the Ulfenwatch, although he is now little more than a rotting automaton.”

If this skeletal Captain could take revenge on his previous compatriots he probably would. However, being raised to “command” his fellow skeletal warriors has given him a new focus. In anycase, it’s a neat model – the combination of the degrading armor and the skeletal remains inside is great. I also like the slight head tilt like the skull isn’t quite supported. That’s the Captain, now let’s meet a few of his direct reports:

GW did drop one tidbit about dealing with them when you’re venturing into the Cursed City:


“While an individual skeleton warrior shouldn’t cause your party much trouble, they will be inspired to fight even harder by their banner bearer, so make sure that you try to take him out first.”

Again, the rotted armor and skeletal insides is a fantastic touch. These models are a great nod to the skeletons from the previous generation:

That said, they look a bit more dynamic – like the Sepulchral Guard from Warhammer Underworlds:

And maybe it’s the armor they are wearing but they do appear a bit “beefier” in terms of scale. I’d like to get my hands on these models just to put them next to the previous skeletons for a size comparison.

One more note about these models. If you check the interactive map, you can see where in the city you might encounter these fellows:


Also note the figure on the left. Looks a lot like the Captain may have looked in life:

Matching dark hair, halberd, eyepatch, and armor (well not 100% on the color, but pretty close). In any case the more we learn about the city and it’s characters the more we want to learn!


Are you excited to enter the Cursed City?

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