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Epic Butcher and Laser Baby Fight from ‘The Boys’ Immortalized

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Mar 1 2021

Fighting an international conglomerate like Vaught requires unconventional weapons – like super babies. Recreate the memorable scene from The Boys with this new fig.

The Mafex Homelander fig was unveiled back in January. The news included a preview of Billy Butcher with a small figure in white, which has now been confirmed to be the laser baby he uses as a weapon in that inappropriately hilarious and gory scene from season one.

Note: this clip is not kid or work safe.


Mafex is known for its hyper-articulated figs, so this take on Butcher will be able to hold a variety of poses with his signature weapons – a cattleprod, crowbar, rifle, and baby. Butcher is available for pre-order now at Big Bad Toy Store and Hobbylink Japan. The fig ships in December. Homelander is already available to pre-order from both of those sites (here and here), so you can get both and have the two enemies face off.

Billy Butcher – ~ $84

  • 6″ tall
  • 2 interchangeable heads
  • Several sets of hands for holding weapons
  • Cloth jacket
  • Cattleprod
  • Crowbar
  • Rifle
  • Laser baby


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