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Warhammer 40K: Was There A Secret Eldar-Human War? – PRIME

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Mar 05

Let's take a look at a crazy theory about a dark part of human history - and who may be behind it.

For the most part modern human history starts with the rise of the Emperor and the Unification Wars. Before that very little is known of humanity's spread to the stars and what it did there, until you reach all the way back to what we considered the present day. But humanity did spread to the stars, populating countless worlds and reaching great heights. Yet there were not alone among the stars, what great stories are we missing in these lost years? Let's take a look at one possibility.

The First Steller Empire

Sometime around M18, humankind developed the twin technologies of the Warp Drive and Geller Field. Though mankind had already started its Steller exodus and reached other worlds, the slow travel times meant expansion was slow and each colony was isolated. The creation of the Warp Drive opened the galaxy to quick colonization and humanity bloomed, spreading across the vast reaches. Here, during the Dark Age of Technology (in fact a Golden Age) human technology reached a height never since matched. This period is also sometimes known as the first human Steller Em...

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