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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: Terminus Est Horde Starring Typhus – Army of Renown

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Apr 01

Goatboy here to throwdown with the brand new Terminus Est army of Renown. Let’s take it for a Nurgle-infested spin.

The new Armies of Renown seems like an interesting addition to the game.  I think the ones we have seen are pretty good. They are not bonkers but good enough to see some play.  Of course, we won’t really know or see how bad they are till we get a Marine one but will see.  I am just excited to see some of these themed style lists that might actually work.  Or at least work a little bit.  With that – let’s brainstorm out a list that uses the whole wave of Pox Walkers.

First – we will most likely start with 3 units of 20 Poxwalkers.  At 1o0 points apiece they seem like a good way to start the list out as they get to move fast for 2CP, can cover a lot of the table, and give you some annoying Objective Secured shambling dudes to deal with.   Then of course we have to go with 3 different “Bubonic Astartes” units to allow the army to have 3 Poxwalker units.  I still love me those Blightlord Terminators so I think having some of those might make this army work.  Plus I could set up some fun Deep Strike nonsense if I wanted too.

Death Guard Battalion – 0CP
-Plague Company- Harbingers / Army of Renown / Terminus Est
Gifts of Decay X 2 (-2CP)
Plague Chosen (-1CP)

Typhus – Warlord – 165pts
Daemon Prince – Warlord – Arch Contaminator – Helforged Sword/Malefic Talons – 150pts

Foetid Virion – Tallyman – Relic – Tollkeeper – 70pts
Foetid Virion – Foul Blightspawn – Relic – Revolting Stench Vats – 75pts
Foetid Virion – Plague Surgeon – Relic – Fugaris Helm – 75pts
Blightlord Terminators X 10 – Combi-Bolter/Balesword X 10 – 400pts
Blightlord Terminators X 10 – Combi-Bolter/Balesword X 10 – 400pts
Deathshroud Terminators X 3 – Plaguespurt Gauntlet – 155pts
Deathshroud Terminators X 3 – Plaguespurt Gauntlet – 155pts


Poxwalkers X 20 – 100pts
Poxwalkers X 20 – 100pts
Poxwalkers X 20 – 100pts
Poxwalkers X 10 – 50pts

Pts: 1995 CP: +9

Tactics of Typhus

This is a pretty simple list – you have the Poxwalkers moving very fast up the field.  Most likely you have one unit of Terminators starting on the board surrounded by the dead as you move up, engage, and hopefully do some damage.  The other unit of Terminators followed by the Deathshrouds will come in and hopefully do some damage as needed – as well as be a pain to get off the tabletop.  The one random 10 man squad of Poxwalkers is to give us a 2CP regrow to bring on the table as needed.  I went with a Terminator heavy list as that is what I actually have.  I think there is something there for a Possessed style bomb – but I don’t have any Nurgle-like ones.

The other thought would be to look at some Fast Attack Chaos Spawn – but that gets harder to justify without some of the powerful punching power.

All Hail the XIVth Legion!


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