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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40k: What to Expect from a New Sororitas Codex

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Apr 12

Goatboy here. The updated Sisters of Battle unit stats and rules are giving us a good idea of what the new codex will bring.

Last week we saw the writing on the wall with some newly released stats for some upcoming Sisters of Battle releases.  Just like the last few “leaks” from updated boxed sets we are starting to get a picture of the next two updates coming down the pipeline.  I am pretty sure it will be the Ladies of Destruction coming hot on the heels of the Cyborg Circus.

What Does the Exorcist Tell Us?

Beyond just getting a new book fairly soon after the release of their initial update (this isn’t like how Marines got an updated to fix some things) we have to wonder what is going to happen with the Sisters of Battle.  The Exorcist saw a drop in toughness, wounds, and AP value which makes sense if you look at the grand picture of Imperial vehicles.  It was always odd how they got to Toughness 8 while most of the other Rhino based chassis vehicles stayed at T7.  It makes me think there was a concentrated effort to make Toughness 8 a powerful and rare thing for specific things in these new books.  The bigger and better tanks to somehow justify their costs.

The drop in AP is the bigger piece of the pie.  I usually didn’t see change for the AP value as they always touted how they fixed the prayer missiles on the tank with the last update.  This might be a push to make their new fancy tank a better choice – or they just thought it did too much damage.  I also thought – why not just make the damage a straight 3+d3 but I guess they want to make Lascannons maybe good again so leaving the missile in the range of a scratch to a oh crap I am dead is better for the game.

It is interesting how these little leaks have you thinking what are they going to do?  Right now Sisters are sitting in an interesting spot as their desire to just be a Sisters army is not nearly as powerful a choice when compared to becoming the cheap part of an Imperial list.  They can punch so much higher then their cost which makes them a scary army to face.  Yes you can shoot them to death and kill them – but when they respond with some nutty damage output and guaranteed batches of maximum damage – that little cheap model can all of a sudden wreck your face.

What to Expect From the Codex?

I am guessing the book will tone down some of the complexities.  There is a lot of interaction in the book and while interesting – it can be a headache to keep up with from time to time.  I am wondering if they build into some kind of ascending prayer/act of faith option that builds up or shifts from turn to turn.  That is one of the things they seem to like in the new books and would make for an interesting shift/change for them instead of a cumbersome batch of keeping “faith” dice separate so you can remember when to shift/change them out.


Or they could just double down on it and make it like the Destiny Dice for Tzeentch in AOS.  Just less build ups of them and hopefully a little less book keeping.  I think the game has gotten a little bit cumbersome lately – this again is just from me reading as starting up the practice sessions is starting this weekend.  I got to get into tip top shape for my upcoming events if I want to try to win more than lose.

I feel it is so crazy that we had a complete revamp of the Sisters book – with new minis, new design philosophy, and now we are looking at the army getting another complete update/overhaul with some new models and minis to add to it all.  Sure some of them feel like no brainer – better leader choices in their new Lt. option but the tank, angry eyebrows, and power suit are all kind of odd.  I still don’t want to paint an army for myself but it is cool we are seeing this stuff.  It makes me think if they redid some of the Grey knight stuff they could go all out on bling and make something really unique looking.

Beyond Sisters?

Sadly I want to see the new Orks as the idea of doing a bunch of Red Orks riding Yellow fat squigg dudes has me excited.  I am not excited to think how much this army might cost if it is a full redo/rework but hey – think positive and maybe things will work out.  I am still waiting to grab more Death Shroud terminators to finish out my Death Guard and just updated more of Marine list in-between client stuff.  It never ends in the Goatboy game cave.

What are y’all getting excited about?


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