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Star Wars Armada: These Are The Five Best Ships In The Game

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Apr 2 2021

Let’s take a look at the best ships in Star Wars Armada.

After several years of development, Star Wars Armada has grown into a large game with many different ships and four factions. Today let’s take a look at what I consider to be the five best ships in the game. For today we will only be looking at Rebel and Imperial ships as the new factions aren’t yet large enough, or well played, to really see what they can do. Let’s dig in.

5. Gladiator Star Destroyer 

The Gladiator was a ship that really dominated in the early years of Armada. This ship, while not the toughest, was fast and deadly. It lent some much-needed speed to Imperial lists and with the right upgrades is super deadly at close range. With the proper placment, it can unload a really scary about of black dice on a target at close range. Of course, the unique Title Demolisher also helped push it over the top. This title allows a Gladiator to work differently from any other ship in the game, getting to fire AFTER moving, allowing for some very scary tactics. While the Gladiator isn’t the meta-defining ship it once was, it’s still real good.

4. The MC30

The MC30, like the Gladiator combines speed, firepower, and decent survivability, and this was another ship that helped define the meta. For its size a properly equipped MC30 can be surprisingly durable. This allows them to get in with their fast speed to close range, weather attacks, and then kick out just a ton of deadly close-range firepower. Fast, maneuverable, and deadly. The MC30 does it all.


3. The Interdictor Cruiser

The Interdictor is a durable and tricky ship. It doesn’t have the raw damage output of other ships on this list, in fact being a tad under-gunned, but it’s very unique. As the only ship able to take Experimental Refit upgrades it allows you to play differently. Its ability to mess with enemy movement is unparalleled and this opens up a lot of nasty tricks you can pull. Being able to drop a target ship down to speed one can really hurt enemy units, and combined with the right builds this ship can devastate and unsuspecting enemy. Ultimately it earns its place on this list simply by being so different, and allowing you to play the game in new ways.

2. The Imperial Star Destroyer 

The ISD remains the iconic ship of Star Wars Armada and is in many ways the ship to beat. It’s an incredibly good ship, with amazing firepower, solid defenses, and it’s also surprisingly mobile. With so many variants and titles ISDs are super flexible and walk the line of being super big and scary, while also cheap enough that you can take multiples of them. They are a forgiving ship and amazing for beginners, but in the hands of a master, they really shine. This is the ship that pretty much any fleet you build has to ask “how can I killed some ISDs”. They are a major part of the game and recent boosts to big ships only make them better.

1. CR90A 

I’ve spent half a decade (by the Force, has it been that long?) expounding the virtues of the CR90A. In short, I love this ship. It’s super fast and gets where it needs to be when it needs to be. It’s cheap as all heck and gives you an amazing action economy. With the right builds it can dump out just a ton of shots. My preferred build lets you pump out 5 dice from the side arc at long range, making it a very effective skirmisher, and with its cost you run a lot of these ships to concentrate an enemy down. It’s highly points -per-die- efficient and just an amazing all-around ship in the right hands.


Let us know what you think the best ships in Armada are, down in the comments!

Author: Abe Apfel
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