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Supersize Me! The Warhammer 40K Characters Who Need the Be’Lakor Treatment

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Apr 14

There’s a lot of fantastic Warhammer 40K characters who really deserve the upsized Be’Lakor treatment. Step right up ladies and gentlemen!

Be’lakor and Lord Kroak are the latest in a long line of characters to move on up from humble roots to enormous minis. But the Grimdark is full of potential candidates whose… shall we say, miniature miniatures don’t match up to their legendary status and reputation. Here are our prime candidates who we would put into the Nottingham Supersize machine the next time they come around for a redo:

Commissar Yarrick

The Old Man just wants to retire and dammit Ghaz won’t stay dead! With Creed out of the way (thanks Necrons), the IG need a new uber commander and centerpiece model to fill his shoes. Yarrick’s miniature is his second and a third is due.

People would buy a modernized version of this kit!

The Old Man is tired in body but infinite in will. I would say perhaps he gets around in some type of specialty apparatus.  Maybe it’s a highly modded walker, or maybe he just appears in his old Apocalypse personal Baneblade, the Fortress of Arrogance. Just as long as it can drive him close enough to bang Orks over the head with his powerklaw – it’s all good!

Perhaps if I had more stairs I would have survived?


Sure he’s dead – but who cares. Macharius was dead and he had a mini and rules. Creed is in a Necron holo-museum and you can still play with him. Aun’Va is actually an easy one. His current pope-mobile getup is from a bygone era and completely unimpressive.

Impressing nobody…


He needs to be redone with his two attendants pretty much in the exact same style as The Silent King. An enormous hard-tech Tau hover pulpit with monster defensive Drones to keep him alive while he inspires the army. For years and years, Etherials have been ignored as a viable playstyle for the T’au army. It’s time to make a truly inspiring centerpiece model that isn’t about the overt firepower, and offers a new playstyle for T’au. Aun’Va would be the perfect place to start.

Asdreabel Vect

We had the lord of Commorragh once before and we can have him again. While Vect himself is man-sized – he’s all about the glitz and the spectacle. It’s well past time we saw him return to the tabletop and how could he NOT be a Drukhari Supreme commander?

The Dais of Destruction would be a giant fantastic kit loaded with detail in the same vein as the recent Glutos Orscollion. You throw in the Incubi bodyguards, his retinue, and crew and make it a Jabba the Hutt sailbarge-style glow-up of the Raider or Tantalus. I’m there!


We’ve already seen two of Fulgrim’s brothers so we know the competition. A Fulgrim model will have to be on par with the sheer size of Magnus and the glorious detail of Mortarion. I’m sure GW is keen to do Emperor’s Children one of these days and you know if that happens Fulgrim will be there.


Luckily we already have a basic template… Morathi. Just take her snakeform, add two arms, ditch the dress (maybe?), and add FABULOUS hair. You’re almost there!


We need to talk about the Swarmlord. There’s nothing wrong with him. There really isn’t. But there really isn’t anything right about him either. He’s supposed to be the apex of evolution, the most potent synthesis of tactician and deadly warrior the Hive Fleets can create to deal with the hardest of prey. He’s so potent the entire Tyranid race can only spawn one of him at any time.

Don’t run with scissors!

But on the tabletop he’s just a walking Hive Tyrant with 4 chef’s knives. He’s basically a tall version of General Grevious, and we all know what happened to him.  I would propose an evolved (see what I did there) Swarmlord that is really scary. Give him everything the Tyranids have learned. Probably twice the size, wings, an enlarged psychic head, and both built-in shooting and melee weapons. In short, make him something that combines the best of what the Tyranids have learned of how to survive on the 40K tabletop and win. Something you see coming and run the hell away from.

Honorable Mention – Named GSC Patriarch

But that’s a story for a whole other article.

Who would you supersize in the Grimdark?

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