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Age of Sigmar: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Kragnos?

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May 9 2021

Now that the God of Earthquakes is coming, how will the rest of the Realms respond?

The final installment of the Broken Realms saga has been previewed and with it the massive new god Kragnos, the Destruction-aligned slayer of godbeasts and mountains alike. He is definitely going to be a huge threat to the Realms, possibly even an insurmountable one, and it will be interesting to see what sorts of response the other factions will put forward. Here are three thoughts of things we might see in the new book, or at least things that I think would be cool.

Reignite the Death/Order Alliance

This one honestly feels like the most plausible but also least likely option after all the nonsense Nagash has pulled since the beginning of the Age of Sigmar. After Teclis destroyed his physical form, it’s not very likely that he will want to help the forces of Order with anything. However, Nagash also isn’t a fool, so if Kragnos thwarts his greater plans for the Realms, he might be willing to renegotiate his terms with Sigmar.

Opening of a New Chamber

With an entire Stormhost destroyed by Be’Lakor and a new threat on the horizon, Sigmar might have to adapt his tactics a bit to face the continuous rising threats. While it’s unlikely he’ll unleash an entire new Chamber of Stormcast, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility, and we could see a hero designed to combat the curse Be’Lakor cast that prevents his warriors from returning to Azyr. It isn’t likely, but it sure would be cool.

Archaon Falls


Be’Lakor is on the rise, and he was able to do something even the Everchosen couldn’t against the forces of Sigmar, so Archaon is going to have to work much harder to keep the favor of the gods. It’s possible that he will try to take on Kragnos to prove his worth and that it will go poorly for him. While I highly doubt GW would remove a model as expensive as Archaon from rotation, he could end up in a much worse position lorewise, losing his high status as the Supreme Leader of Chaos to the Prince of Shadows.

What do you think will happen at the end of Kragnos?

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