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Cosplay: These ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ Cosplays Will Steal Your Studio Ghibli Loving Heart

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May 28 2021

From Howl to Sophie, we’ve got some of the most gorgeous Howl’s Moving Castle Cosplays to light your fire!

Studio Ghibli is among the most loved of anime creators. From Princess Mononoke to Ponyo, there is a heart-wrenching story for every person to love, enjoy, and sob over. Among the most well-loved of the Ghibli properties is Howl’s Moving Castle- the story of a girl, who becomes a granny, who falls in love with a family on the move… and helps everyone learn about love and trust in the process.



Anime characters are particularly hard to cosplay, since most often their features are exaggerated and elfin, and their costumes gorgeously nuanced. These cosplayers manage to capture the spirit and mystery of Howl’s Moving Castle Cosplays beautifully, and leave an unforgettable impression on viewers.

Gesha Petrovich Cosplay- Howl

Gesha Petrovich Social Media


“A Heart’s A Heavy Burden.”



“Here’s Another Curse For You – May All Your Bacon Burn.”


“There You Are Sweetheart, Sorry I’m Late, I Was Looking Everywhere For You.”



“After The War, They Won’t Recall They Ever Were Human.”


“He’s Calling The Spirits Of Darkness… I Saw Him Do This Once Before When A Girl Dumped Him!”

FD Cosplay Studio- Sophie and Howl

FD Cosplay Studio Social Media


“They Say That The Best Blaze Burns The Brightest When Circumstances Are At Their Worst.”



“I Give Up. I See No Point In Living If I Can’t Be Beautiful.”


“Seems Everyone In This Family’s Got Problems.”


“It’s Not Easy Being Old.”



“I Wonder What Howl Disguised Himself As? Surely Not A Crow. Can’t Be A Pigeon, He’s Too Flamboyant For That.”


GIAN Costumes- Sophie Hatter

GIAN Costumes Social Media


“One Thing You Can Always Count On Is That Hearts Change.”


“I Can’t Stand The Fire And Gunpowder. Those Dopey Guys Have Absolutely No Manners.”


“It Can’t Be Good For The Table.”


“It’s Been A Pleasure Meeting You, Even If You Are My Least Favorite Vegetable.”



“This Isn’t So Bad, Now Is It? You’re Still In Good Shape And Your Clothes Finally Suit You.”


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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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