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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: Adeptus Mechanicus Mars Foot Horde

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May 27 2021

Goatboy here with an Adeptus Mechanicus horde to see if the new codex can pull off techno horde combos.

Let’s throw out a real quick and basic Mars horde with 60 dudes, some characters, and whatever else I want.  I don’t think I will throw out any vehicles as I just don’t want to play with them beyond the Chicken Walkers.  Let’s throw dome some points, figure it out, and then see if it works.

The new codex is certainly as controversial as it is complex, but there are endless combos to be found.  We will have to wait and see if good players can master it, and if noobs can even comprehend it at all.

Battalion – Adeptus Mechanicus – 0CP
Forgeworld – Mars
Skitarii Marshal – Warlord Trait(-1CP) Battle-Sphere Uplink, Relic (-1CP) Exemplar’s Eternity – 45pts
Tech-Priest Manipulus – Magnarail Lance, Warlord – First-Hand Field Testing, Logi – 105pts
Tech-Priest Manipulus – Magnarail Lance, Relic – Raiment of the Technomartyr, Magi – 100pt

Skitarri Vanguard X 20 – Omnispex, Radium Carbine X 20 – 165pts
Skitarri Vanguard X 20 – Omnispex, Radium Carbine X 20 – 165pts
Skitarri Vanguard X 20 – Omnispex, Radium Carbine X 20 – 165pts
Skitarri Rangers X 20 – Omnispex, Galvanic Rifle X 20 – 165pts


Serberys Raiders X 9 – 144pts
Pteraxii Sterylizors X 10 – Relic (-1CP) – The Skull of Eldar Nikola – 190pts
Ironstritder Ballistari X 6 – Twin Cognis Lascannon X 6 – 450pts
Skorpius Disintegrator – 145pts
Skorpius Disintegrator – 145pts

Pts: 1984 CP: 9

Computing Victory for Mars

This is designed as a pretty simple horde of guys with some weird FA tricks, to help ease you into the new codex.  You can jump in the flamers, give out some Mortal wounds to vehicles, and then flamer stuff.  Pop away and do it again as needed.  The Horses can be a sniper unit to take out characters and then the Chicken walkers have a huge set of bases, can throw out a ton of wounds, and be a problem to remove.  Oh and all your troops can just move up the table, throw out a ton of damage, and be tough to move as needed.

The biggest issue is this army is going to be expensive to buy if you want it.  80 troops, a ton of expensive walkers, 2 tanks, and then all the new stuff means this is a pretty penny to spend.  Tell me if I messed something up as all the program builders are not up to date yet.

All Hail the Omnissiah!


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