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Star Wars Cosplay: May the Fourth Be With You – 501st Legion Celebrates Star Wars Day

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May 03

On this most auspicious of weeks, the 501st Legion wants to wish you a happy May the Fourth!

Star Wars fans around the world know this to be the most sacred of days- the day we celebrate everything within the Star Wars galaxy. There are none more dedicated to this celebration than the members of the 501st Legion, those dedicated to the most screen realistic cosplays on the market. Today we celebrate Star Wars Day!



Revenge of the Fifth is a hilarious offshoot of this yearly celebration, and the 501st Legion regularly produces content for their community around the day. Check out this epic compilation from the 2020 May the Fourth celebration!




Cosplay for Good

Not only do the 501st Legion members do Cosplay with flair and style, they also dedicate themselves to bettering the Galaxy. They take time regularly to donate to charities and organize events to fundraise. Check out this recent partnership:

“This week on the Live Star Wars Quiz Show: Please welcome The Inferno Squad – 501st Garrison Tyranus! Inferno Squad is widely known for their extremely popular and successful InfernoCon this past year with the addition of a Holiday Special. They hosted many honorary members including Greg Grunberg, Bobby Moynihan, Christie Golden, TJ Ramini, all while raising an impressive amount for charity. Rumor has it that plans are in the works for even more InfernoCon this upcoming year and I’m sure they can fill us in during the show!
This week’s charity will be The Children’s National Hospital. Please give if you can and we will see you TODAY, Sunday May 2nd at:
12pm (Midday) California USA
3pm Eastern time USA
8pm UK time
9pm France – Italy time
The Live Star Wars Quiz Show is for everyone to play along at home. So come along, grab your friends, make some snacks, and see if YOU can out wit the Quiz Master from The Isle of Wight Garrison.

#501st #StarWars #LiveStarWarsQuizShow #InfernoSquad #ChildrensNationalHospital #Snacks #ComeOutwitTheQuizMaster

501st Garrison Tyranus



501st Legion Cosplays

Now, for the order of the day- COSPLAY! Check out some of the most recent cosplay shares from the 501st Legion Facebook Page! 




“I’m not restricted by the authority of your so-called Bounty Hunter’s Guild. I answer to a higher law.”

Photo Credit: My Geeky Gallery

Dune Sea Garrison

 501st Bounty Hunters Guild

 #MandoMonday #BobaFett #Mandalorian #BountyHunter



Sometimes is better to hug a tree than to crash into it.

Member: TB-17734

Timberline Garrison 
501st Pathfinders Detachment

#StarWars #501st #BadGuysDoingGood #Endor #ScoutTrooper

“The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be…unnatural.”
SL-82800 of 

Nordic Garrison‘s Trinity Squad 
501st Sith Lords

#501st #StarWars #Palpatine #SLD #SithLordDetachment


“I was apprentice to the most powerful being in the galaxy once. I was destined to become… so much more.”

Member: SL-11498

Central California Garrison


 501st Sith Lords

#StarWars #501st #BadGuysDoingGood #DarthMaul


Happy #SunnySaturday! We hope your weekend is as spectacular as this view!
501st Singapore Garrison

 501st Special Operations Detachment

 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment

 501st Legion Jolly Roger Squadron

 #501st #StarWars #BadGuysDoingGood #WeekendVibes


Happy 501st Legion Day!

Member: SL-50171
501st Divisão Brasil – Brazilian Division Garrison

 501st Sith Lords

 #501st #StarWars #Vader #HappyStarWarsDay #BadGuysDoingGood



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