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Warhammer 40K: Codex Check – Who’s Good And Who Are We Still Missing

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May 01

I know it’s been a weird [checks calendar] 14 months – but we’re going to check in with our Codexes and see how they are doing.

We sometimes get caught up on all the new releases and exciting models we forget that those models need good rules, too. So it’s time to pump the brakes and take a quick look at the codex list. Let’s dive in.

Who’s Up To Date?

Space Marines (all of them)

Blood Angels

Dark Angels

Space Wolves




Death Guard


Who’s Coming Soon?

Adeptus Mechanicus (announced)

Sisters of Battle (unannounced, but assuming they are soon)

Orks (Beast Snagga Codex?)

Who’s Left?


Adeptus Custodes

Astra Militarum

Imperial Knights

Inquisition/Office Assassinorum/Sisters of Silence/Other Imperial

Chaos Daemons

Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Knights

Thousand Sons

Craftworld Aeldari



Genestealer Cults


T’au Empire


All-in, we’re look at roughly 17 codexes at the minimum before this edition is “done.” Which also doesn’t count another Space Marine codex (because you know they get a two Codexes for every edition). And we’re not even going to get started on the Supplements for Space Marines either.

AND that also doesn’t take into account anything else GW my throw our way – like a new 40k army out of the blue (Squats). So that’s a thing to consider, too.

Ahh – simpler times.


Warhammer 40,000 still has a LOT of life left in terms of Codexes that need to be released. Good or bad, that’s kind of how it goes with Warhammer Codexes. Just pray to the Emperor your codex is on the up-swing in this edition…


That’s a lot of codexes still waiting for a 9th edition release – which ones are you waiting on?

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