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Warhammer 40K: 5 Shows That Warhammer+ Needs To Make

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Jun 1 2021

Let’s take a look at some shows that we think should be added to the Warhammer+ lineup.

So Warhammer+ is a thing. We don’t yet know if this is a true streaming service, or some kind of other app based platform. In fact we don’t know a whole ton about it (yet!). However we do know the first few shows that area going to be dropping it, 11 in total. While these all seem cool, of course they barely scratch the surface of 40K lore. So today lets take a look at a few quick pitches for other shows we’d love to see.

Uprising (The GSC Saga)

Nids as a rule don’t make great protagonists, seeing as they don’t really talk, or do anything besides devour. Genestealer Cult on the other hand do talk and plot. I think a show focusing on a cult would be really interesting. Not only would we get a look at the lives of the lower Imperial classes but also a look at how these cults work. I think you could have some generally sympathetic characters who over time take part in an uprising only to find out the real truth of what happens when their deliverers arrive.

Twin Tailed Tales

We know we are getting a few anthology shows, but how about something set in the Old World of WFB? There are a ton of stories to be told here, both long-form and short-form. I’d love to see an account of the Vampire wars, or just follow a Witch Hunter around. Maybe see some stories of the Bretonnian Crusades in Khemri. There are decades of storytelling potential to pull from.

Deff Skwadron

Back in the day Black Library published a ton of different comics and shorts. One of my favorites was Deff Skwadron. These comics followed an Ork fighter “Skwadron” on their eternal Waaaagh!!! Normally they were pitted against other Ork warbosses in over-the-top and humorous combats. These comics drew on a mixture of all that is wonky and fun about Orks, with a good mix of British WWII style humor. Indeed a lot of the setups seem like they wouldn’t be to out of place in some sort of live action war sitcom. Think Kelly’s Heroes with MORE DAKKA. I think something like this would be great for Warhammer+. It’s already short form, leans into the lore, shows more sides of 40K and brings some humor.

The Heresy 

Yeah, I know this is a big ask. But heck, tell me you wouldn’t love to see some animated stories of the Horus Heresy? It could be the whole story, just adapting the books, or you could do a more anthology focused show. Or just adapt one of the books, I think Nemesis would be pretty rad for instance. An advantage of animation is that it can sometimes be easier to get the crazy scale out there, which wouldn’t be practical in live-action.

Guant’s Rifles 

More than anything I really want some sort of Imperial Guard centric show. One that focuses on the normal humans just trying to survive in 40K. Now a Gaunt’s Ghosts show, maybe written by Dan himself, would be totally amazing and probably blow my mind. But I’d also take any other kind of Guard show, maybe something along the lines of the old Sharpe  tv show (bonus points if you get Sean Bean to voice someone). I think doing something looking at Guard is a surefire hit.


Let us know what shows you want to see, down in the comments!


Author: Abe Apfel
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