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D&D’s Latest Crossover Adventure Has Character Sheet’s For MTG Planeswalkers Chandra And Liliana

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Jul 26 2021

The Adventures in the Forgotten Realms adventure continues on, building to a climactic battle in the next chapter. A few familiar faces join the party too.

As Adventures in the Forgotten Realms continues its release cycle, the adventure that takes the place of the usual short stories you’d find accompanying the set, continues to release as well. The latest chapter, Deepest Night, promises some classic dungeon delving and promises to take you in for some of what makes D&D tick best: solving mysteries and fighting undead. Often both at the same time. Take a look.

Deepest Night is the 4th chapter in the higher-level adventure. This one is tuned for a party of 9th-10th level characters and it builds on the previous few chapters. In a nutshell, the players are on the trail of the son of a planeswalking wizard who settled in Faerun. This planeswalker descendant, Tyreus, is keen to unlock the power of planeswalking and has sought out a treasure trove of relics and artifacts in pursuit of their past. The players, meanwhile, have been caught up in the wake of this mysterious mage.


And now as they come to the penultimate chapter of the adventure, they learn about a powerful artifact: the Stone of Creation, which is a meteor that has crashed through the multiverse trapped in a colossal sphere of stone with a pair of magical guardians left to protect it. As things go, the vault crashes into Faerun, and the Stone went missing. Now that Tyreus the mage has got his hands on it, a slain ghost has pleaded with the adventurers to stop the mage any way they can.

And it’s a classic dungeon delve all the way through from here. There’s ample opportunity for roleplay and combat as you explore this fallen meteoric dungeon, as well as some truly epic fights with some cursed beings. There are a good number of approaches, and this dungeon can pack a punch–if the creatures in the dungeon are allowed to congregate, even a 9th level party might be in for a hard time.

Speaking of party members, though, included with this adventure are character sheets for a sample party, including two well-known planeswalkers, Chandra and Liliana… Check them out below. Chandra, as you might expect, is a sorcerer specializing in fire:


And Liliana is a Warlock who has sworn a pact with an undead being of great power:

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Author: J.R. Zambrano
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