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Star Wars: The Super Star Destroyer Breakdown

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Jul 25 2021

Sure, your cruisers might be able to repel its firepower, but the Super Star Destroyer is still one of the deadliest ships in Star Wars. Take a look.

The Empire was known for many things throughout its time. Like the absolute terror it inspired in those it subjugated. Or a lack of sharpshooting training among its rank and file troops. And of course, ships big enough to blot out the sky of whatever planet they happen to be bombarding from orbit. It’s the latter category we’re interested in today as we take a look at the class of ships known as Super Star Destroyers. Originally a Rebel Alliance term, Super Star Destroyer referred to any class of Imperial vessel larger than a Star Destroyer.

Well-Known Super Star Destroyers

Perhaps the best known example of these are the Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts. These include the originating Executor, which is famed for serving as Darth Vader’s personal flagship. But during the time of the Battle of Endor, around 4ABY, the Empire was estimated to have more than a dozen of these Super Star Destroyers. That’s including the Annihilator, Arbitrator, Ravager, and Emperor Palpatine’s personal ship, the Eclipse. Of course, looking at the originating ship, it’s not hard to see why these vessels came to be known as Super Star Destroyers. They could do everything a Star Destroyer did – but exponentially greater.

The Executor outweighed and outmeasured other Star Destroyers, coming in at more than 19,000 meters long. It had a titanium reinforced hull that could repel all but the most dedicated firepower. It took thirteen thrusters to get the vessel moving at speed, and the center of the hull was basically a city unto itself. And the arsenal it sported made it among the deadliest ships in the Imperial navy.

Ship Weapons

It carried 750 twin-heavy turbolaser batteries, 1,000 turret-mounted twin light turbolaser batteries. There were also 100 twin battleship ion cannons, 125 assault concussion missile launchers, and 250 turret-mounted quad laser cannons. That’s enough firepower to level a city or break through a blockade. The escorting Star Destroyers were almost an afterthought at this point.

Super Star Destroyer

Other ships in the Executor-class boasted similar armaments, sporting an estimated 5,000 turbolaser batteries and ion cannon arrays per vessel. But for dealing with smaller craft, these Super Star Destroyers carried an immense complement of strike and fighter craft. The Executor maintained over 1,000 ships aboard its hangars. That’s including 144 TIE series starfighters, spread between Interceptors, Bombers, and TIE fighters. There’s also more than 200 assault shuttles, transport shuttles, and support craft. *Deep inhale* Several Y-85 Titan drop-ships, a full suite of 24 AT-ATs and 50 AT-STs ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. And when needed, it has a pair of IM-455 modular garrisons.

A single Super Star Destroyer could subjugate an entire sector if crewed competently. Well, and if it’s kept away from A-Wings piloted by Arvel Crynyd.


Super Star Destroyer

May the Force be with you!

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