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Video Game Cosplay: Fallout’s Dogmeat is Man’s Best (Digital) Friend

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Aug 13 2021

The bestest boi in the Fallout franchise gets well-deserved love – we’re talking about Dogmeat – the digital, IRL, and Cosplay icon!

We all love a good love story. Man and dog, manno and catto… many game franchises feature iconic partnerships between a human character and their pet. Whether it’s Pokemon‘s Ash and Pikachu, Borderlands Fl4k and Mr. Chew, Legend of Zelda‘s Link and Epona, or The Witcher’s Geralt and Roach…

Tale as old as time… Hero foiled by his own mount. The Witcher’s Geralt with Roach

There are classic pairings that steal our hearts and make us go “awwwwwwww.” (Check out this heartwarming article from Alyssa at GamesRadar for more iconic pairings).

Life imitates art in many cases, and the same is true for the cosplay community. There are countless hilarious videos and images on the internet of the frustrations cosplayers face trying to work their craft with cats underfoot. Check out a prime example – Kinpatsu Cosplay and her feline friend and “assistant”, Noodle.

Noodle “Helping” in the studio with Kinpatsu Cosplay



There real-life inspirations behind some of these famous videogame counterparts. Fallout 4‘s canine compadre, Dogmeat, was inspired by a friendly neighborhood German Shepard. Lead Level Designer for Fallout 4, Joel Burgess, has shared some adorable videos of River, who was the character model for Dogmeat. (Long may he rest in the land across the Rainbow Bridge).

Man’s Best Friend River stood as inspiration for Fallout 4’s ‘Dogmeat’

Today we celebrate the partnership between people and their beloved animals, with this adorable corgi tribute to Fallout 4’s Dogmeat. Kamui Cosplay, always up for a new challenge, created an ADORABLE Dogmeat canine cosplay for her corgi, Zelda.

Zelda looking dashing in her Dogmeat Cosplay



Adorable and super quick Fallout 4 Dogmeat cosplay by Kamui Cosplay



Expert doggo Supermodel Zelda will pose for treats! 



How to Make Your Own

Kamui is amazing at providing details and resources for her builds. She has an amazing series of cosplay books on props, painting, electronics, and more available ON HER WEBSITE.

Check out these links below for the resources she used for her build, which include affiliate links to help support her builds! 

Also check out the Making of Kamui’s Pip Boy

And the Making of Kamui’s Gauss Rifle

Products used: EVA FoamBox CutterContact GlueSqueeze-BottlesDremelDremel SnakeHot Air GunPlastiDipDust MaskRespiratorSafety Goggles

*Amazon links are affiliate links that they get paid for if you buy a product. Support Kamui Cosplay by using these links. Thank you!*

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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