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Warhammer 40K: Black Templar Marshal Sprue Pics Spotted!

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Sep 27 2021

There’s a new Black Templars Marshal on the way – and his sprue is a sight for sore eyes!

We have all seen the images for the upcoming Black Templars boxes headed our way, via the big unveiling at GENCON.

But it looks like a packaging error let one Marshal sneak out of the factory and into the public eye a little ahead of schedule.


Images via reddit’s jazzhandskreiger who said this about how he got the sprues:

“Hi everyone! For context as to how I’ve obtained this already, the sprue was mispackaged in a Hexfire box instead of Crowe that I’m working on for a friend.

To clarify now, no I’m not selling it. I will be painting it up in all its glory”



So it looks like this model and pose is clearly based on the old classic Marshal miniature. This guy:

He looks like a Primaris to me and I love the weapon options to recreate the classic model. More of that please GW.  We’ll have to wait to see more of this guy in the round when the full Black Templars release occurs. Also we should all take a moment for the soul out there who will get a Black Templars box with a Castellan Crowe in it by accident! Oops.

~Suffer not the witch to love!

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