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Warhammer 40K: Easy Space Marine Paint Schemes For Beginners

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Oct 14 2021
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Space Marines are always present and an attractive army for new players. So here’s some schemes that paint up nice and easy.

Look, Space Marines are already everywhere. And with all the Space Marine Codexes out there you know there are going to be more of them as new players jump in, or players who before swore loyalty to the Greater Good get tempted by the idea of “surviving melee” or “winning games.” But it can be hard to get your Space Marines looking good; there’s so much heraldry to paint, patterns, stripes, and whatever’s going on here:

If you’re a new painter, you’ll find that some of these schemes can be daunting. But good looking minis aren’t out of reach–not if you use one of these newbie friendly schemes to paint your plastic pals. No hard to paint bright colors or intricate patterns here, and any laziness is hidden behind the official paint schemes. Let’s go.

Raven Guard

You might of thought we’d start with Black Templars–but honestly Raven Guard is even easier. Grab a little Black, a little red, and a little white to trim up one of the shoulder pads, and you’re basically good to go. It doesn’t get easier than this.


Look, they’re the literal poster boys for a reason. All you need is to grab a little Ultramarine blue, a little black, and a little gold and you’re ready.

Iron Hands


Another scheme that’s even easier than Black Templars and doesn’t even need red paint this time. See the world in black and white with the Iron Hands. Well and iron (well, silver) for the hands. And hey if you’re having fun getting these guys painted up, then all that practice painting silver will come in handy for the next one.

Silver Skulls

Silver Skulls are pretty straightforward–and all you need is a little metal in your life. While we’re talking successor chapters though:

Crimson Fists

All the fun of Ultramarines without having to actually sit back and follow the rules. Plus, the red you’ll be using for their shoulder pad details will be…handy later.


These are some of our favorite beginner-friendly paint schemes…what are yours? Let us know in the comments!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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