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Star Wars: Five Things Attack Of The Clones Nailed

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Dec 3 2021

We’ve given the Prequels a lot of grief in the last few weeks. Let’s talk about something Star Wars: Attack of the Clones got right.

Lately, we’ve been taking a look at some of the things Star Wars movies have gotten right, and a few things they’ve gotten wrong here or there. We’ve looked at mistakes made in Revenge of the Sith and Attack of the Clones. Some silly git even had the temerity to pan The Phantom Menace.

But as with all things there must be a dark and alight side. There must be balance. We’ve talked about what The Phantom Menace got right, so today let’s take a look at some places where Attack of The Clones really shone.

5. Awkward Anakin

I know Hayden Christensen gets a lot of flack for his acting in this movie. And well, I don’t think it’s all deserved.

Anakin is this young adult who grew up as slave under horrible conditions. He then was ripped away from his family and trained to be a child solider. He went from being powerless to one of the most powerful people in the galaxy, and being told that he was a chosen one.

At the same time, this is a kid with a bit of a darkness inside him. He also has never had a chance to adapt to “normal” society. Anakin should be awkward AF. I think Hayden nails this.

4. Being A Different Kind Of Star Wars Movie

AotC tries to be a different kid of Star Wars movie. Rather than a war movie, it’s more focused on intrigue and spy work.


While it doesn’t always pull it off, it sure tries and I think there is something great to be said about trying to break the mold. Also, some of the intrigue, and following Obi-Wan around is pretty fun.

3. Obi-Wan

Let’s face it, Ewan McGregor nails Obi-Wan, and I think he’s pretty much the best part of this movie. He really makes the character shine and his own.

He was good in The Phantom Menace, but also had to somewhat play the role of whiny kid. Here he gets to shine as an experienced Knight and friend/mentor to Anakin.

He’s so pretty that he is often confused for Jesus… It’s this Obi-Wan that the world fell in love with. Exasperated Obi-Wan is best Obi-wan.


2. The Battles

Attack of the Clones has some really amazing action and battles in it (and also some not-so-great ones).

The Obi-Wan/Jango shoot out is a fun bit with a dramatic backdrop. The space fight between them is a great cat and mouse battle, with visuals and sounds design that still holds up.

Finally the Battle of Genosis. It’s CGI heavy, but still a great bit to watch. It’s a missive large scale land battle and something we don’t normally see in Star Wars movies.

1. The Memes

Let’s be honest here, you might hate Attack of the Clones, but you still definitely chuckle at the memes. This movie is a GOLD mine for memes and just keeps on giving.

Nearly two decades later and we are still getting new and wonderful memes out of the movie. For that alone it was worth it.


Let us know what parts you liked best in this movie, down in the comments!

Author: Abe Apfel
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