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Star Wars: Five Possible ‘Kenobi’ Cameos – Characters We May See

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Mar 28 2022

The Star Wars shows have been full of special appearances; this is who we think we may make a cameo in Kenobi.

Kenobi, the next Star Wars show to come to streaming is barely two months away now. Between the long-awaited trailer, character announcements, and clarification of which characters won’t be making an appearance, it feels like we know quite a bit about what to expect. But if we know Disney and Star Wars we know that there are still a ton of tricks up their Jedi robe sleeves. We know that Hayden Christensen will be back as Darth Vader and though Darth Maul was a consideration he will not be making an appearance, but who else can we conceivably catch a cameo from in Kenobi?

The Organas

We don’t know a whole ton about Breha but Bail and Leia Organa are two characters who we may catch a glimpse of in Kenobi. We’ve already seen a snippet of young Luke playing pod-racer, but by this time Bail is elbow deep in the early rebellion and Leia is starting to learn how to handle government matters and probably doing a very bad job of keeping herself out of her Dad’s side-hustle. I doubt we’d see them directly involved, but if we caught a moment of them in a message to Kenobi, I would be the farthest thing from surprised.


Ahsoka Tano

The only people who seem to love Ahsoka more than the fans are the people writing the Star Wars shows right now. She’s been appearing in everything, and I don’t see a whole lot of reason to think that will change. A much younger version of Ahsoka than what we’re used to seeing in live action would be organizing networks of resistance right now. And while she may want to keep her identity secret, if we hear about what “Fulcrum” is up to, we’ll know.



Some Clones

Post the Order 66 and the rise of the Empire, the Clone Troopers have a rough time of it. Perhaps not as rough as the Jedi they’re forced to kill, but still. The Bad Batch and Rebels give us a little more insight into what some of our favorite clone troopers experience in the aftermath of everything. But there are still a few out there dealing with what happened and keeping a low profile. I know we’d all love to see an appearance from Captain Rex. But it may be more fitting and meaningful to see Commander Cody, one of Obi-Wan’s closest commanders and friends through the Clone Wars.


Black Krrsantan

His appearance would be a little redundant from the comics, but Krrsantan and Kenobi have history on Tatooine. Specifically they fought after the Wookie tried to kidnap Owen Lars and eventually gave Krrsantan a lightsaber scar. He turned out to be a favorite character among fans when he made is live action debut in The Book of Boba Fett, so another quick appearance to make old Ben’s life even harder wouldn’t be terribly surprising.



We now know that Kenobi had to be significantly re-written because the original version was too much of a bummer. And I can’t think of many things that would lighten the mood more than the galaxy’s most love-hateable pirate. Coming from Rebels, Hondo is one of those characters that people love and would love to see in live action, sort of like Cad Bane. And he wouldn’t need a huge spot. He’d be just as likely to sell Kenobi help or tools or information as to sell information about Kenobi to the Empire.

Who do you want to see a cameo from in Kenobi? Are there any characters you’re pretty sure we may get an appearance from even if they haven’t been announced? Do you wish Maul was showing up in Kenobi, or do you think that cameo wouldn’t make any sense with how Rebels played out? Let us know in the comments!

May The Force Be With You, Adventurers!

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