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Jessica Nigri’s ‘Elden Ring’ Ranni the Witch Cosplay

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Apr 06

Magical powers have coalesced in this enchanted Elden Ring cosplay from powerhouse cosplayer Jessica Nigri.

Elden Ring is the new hotness in the videogame world. Specifically, the new hotness most likely to kill players in 2.5 seconds flat. Repeatedly. Ad nauseam. Such is the way of the Dark Souls franchise, which features brutal landscapes and devastating plotlines. Today we’re under the spell of the new Ranni the Witch debuted by Jessica Nigri Cosplay.

Ranni the Witch by Jessica Nigri Cosplay

Elden Ring has only been out since February of 2022, but already cosplayers around the world are drawn to it for cosplay inspiration. We have seen a gorgeous armor build commissioned, and now Jessica Nigri has stepped into the scene.

Ranni the Witch by Jessica Nigri Cosplay

Searching for the Dark Path for a Witch is FINE… Right?

In Elden Ring, Ranni the witch is an NPC who offers a mysterious quest to adventurers. She has a muted aesthetic of grays and blues worthy of any Tim Burton flick, with a giant hat that any witch can be proud of. Jessica Nigri brings a mastery of makeup techniques to the cosplay, delivering a spooky and charming depiction of the character. We hope you enjoy this Jessica Nigri cosplay!

Ranni the Witch by Jessica Nigri Cosplay

Ranni the Witch by Jessica Nigri Cosplay

This way, Tarnished.

May I have a word?
A pleasure to meet thee, Tarnished.

I am the witch Renna.
I’d heard tell of a Tarnished hurtling about atop a spectral steed.

And upon looking into the matter, the talk, I surmise, is of thee.
Thou’rt posesssed of the power, no?
To call forth the spectral steed named Torrent.

Ranni the Witch Cosplay preview by Jessica Nigri Cosplay

Ah. As I had hoped.
I was entrusted this, for thee.

By Torrent’s former master.
‘Tis a bell for calling forth spirits.

Summon them with it, from ash unreturned to the Erdtree.
The spirits will obey thine command but briefly, as they recall battles past.

Now it is thine. To do with as thou wishest.

Forgive mine intrusion, Tarnished.
I doubt we shall again meet. But all the same, learn well the Lands Between.
How long will it be, I wonder…
Before the Tarnished tire of obesiance to the Two Fingers?

Upon my name as Ranni the Witch.
Mother’s rich slumber shall not be disturbed by thee.
Foul trespasser.
Send word far and wide.
Of the last Queen of Caria, Rennala of the Full Moon.
And the majesty of the night she conjureth.

Oh, again we cross paths.
I believe I said my name was Renna, when last we met.
It pleaseth me to see Torrent hale and hearty…
But Tarnished, what business hast thou here?
I have no memory of inking thee an invitation.


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