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The Soldier Without Borders is Back: ‘Metal Gear’s Big Boss Cosplays

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May 18 2022

He’s a legendary soldier who goes where he’s needed, defined by the era he lives in. We’re unboxing these Big Boss cosplays!

Metal Gear is a series of action adventure games by Hideo Kojima, published by Konami. Featuring a dynamic and twisty storyline of espionage, infiltration, and some action packed weaponry, the games have captured the imagination of gamers since the franchise’s debut in 1987. Coined “techno-thriller stealth games”, Metal Gear follows the adventures of various operators code-named “Snakes”. This week, we’re featuring the iconic Big Boss.

Big Boss cosplay by RBF Productions

Big Boss is one of the most prolific characters in the Metal Gear series. He was a special forces operative and mercenary commander with a vast array of experience. Big Boss had big ambitions – his dream was to create a nation for soldiers, and earned himself the moniker of “The Greatest Warrior of the 20th Century.”

Big Boss Cosplay by Maul Cosplay

Cosplaying the Big Boss

Fans of the Metal Gear games are ride or die for Big Boss. Of all the characters from the games, Big Boss has the most loyalty, and the widest (and most screen-accurate) cosplays. these cosplayers are the most serious folks when it comes to details. From the weaponry down to the facial scars and eyepatch, down to the adorable pupper D-Dog… These cosplays have EVERYTHING.

Big Boss cosplay by Rob Morton of The Flying Hun-Archery and Leather

The key defining features of this cosplay are his eyepatch, bandanna (if you know, you know) and the camo that no self-respecting soldier would leave home without. Add to that the signature armband, the red prosthetic, and of course the glower. We hope you enjoy the sneakiest of the snakes, the legendary soldier Big Boss cosplays!

Big Boss cosplay by SambuZ Cosplay

Big Boss Cosplay by Maul Cosplay

“From here on out, you’re Big Boss.”

“To do the right thing, you sometimes have to leave the things you care about behind.”

“We are soldiers without borders, our purpose defined by the era we live in.”

“It’s not about changing the world. It’s about doing our best to leave the world the way it is.”

This Big Boss Cosplay by Rob Morton of The Flying Hun-Archery and Leather

“Real heroes are never as polished as the legends that surround them.”

I will always be with you.”

“Boss… you were right. It’s about doing our best to leave the world… the way it is. It’s about respecting the will of others, and believing in your own.

Big Boss Cosplay by RBF Productions

“If you had been in my place back then, maybe you wouldn’t have made the same mistakes I did. Ever since the day I killed The Boss with my own hands, I… was already dead.

“I never thought of you as a son, but I always respected you as a soldier… and as a man.

“Everyone Dies. You can’t stop it. You can’t run from it. Let me tell you something… Don’t… Don’t waste the life you have left fighting.

But it doesn’t start at “one.” It starts long before that, in chaos.”

The world is born… from zero. The moment zero becomes one is the moment the world springs to life.”


Big Boss Cosplay by SambuZ Cosplay

One becomes two, two becomes ten, ten becomes 100. Taking it all back to one solves nothing. So long as Zero remains, one… will eventually grow to 100 again.”

We realized too late that we had created a beast. We had helped turn Zero into 100. His sin was ours. And for that reason, I’m taking it upon myself to send Zero… back to nothing.

“It all began with a bunch of old fools. Now they’ve all passed away, their era of folly is over.

…to free ourselves from systems, nations, norms and ages, but no matter how hard we fought, the only liberty we found was on the inside, trapped within those limits.”

But you have been given freedom. Freedom to be… outside.

At last… I understand the meaning behind what you did. At last… I understand the truth behind your courage.

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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