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‘Magic the Gathering’s Barbarian is Here to Slay – Jeska Cosplay

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May 23 2022

The Thrice Reborn turned planeswalker has a tragic past. This week we’re celebrating the fiercest Jeska cosplay!

Magic the Gathering is one of the most prolific game systems in the world. With gorgeous art, well-developed mechanics, and a die-hard fanbase, the game has been thriving for decades and shows no signs of stopping. Ever. This week we’re taking a peek into the world of Cabal City with this stunning Jeska cosplay!

Cosplaying a character from a card game has to be one of the most challenging experiences for a cosplayer. There are no movies or animated shows to capture angles and fit. You might get one or a few static images, and the rest is left to the imagination of the cosplayer. But this week’s feature is a cosplayer well renowned for embodying warrior characters. From Chun-Li to Harley Quinn, Angela Bermudez chooses her characters well. This week she’s stepping into Magic the Gathering, and we hope you enjoy this Jeska feature!

Jeska Cosplay by Angela Bermúdez

Jeska was an Otarian barbarian from Dominaria who became a planeswalker.”

Due to the tumultuous happenings of her life she was called Thrice Touched by Infinity and Thrice Reborn.

“Jeska lived with her family in Balthor Rockfist’s tribe, spending much of her time learning from the dwarves rather than the other humans that made up her tribe.”


“Later, concerned for Kamahl’s wellbeing, Jeska and Balthor followed Kamahl’s footsteps.”

“This shattered the Mirari’s spell, and in deep grief, Kamahl sought out someone who could save the dying Jeska. He left her in the care of the centaur Seton, but she ultimately was captured by Braids and brought to the Cabal Patriarch.

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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