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‘Attack on Titan’s Lone Wolf Annie Leonhart Cosplay is Larger Than Life

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May 5 2022

She ranks low on the teamwork scale, but kicks major butt in swordplay and secrets. Check out these Annie Leonhart cosplays!

Attack on Titan began as a manga series and became an overwhelmingly popular anime series. The four part series will come to a full conclusion in 2023, and audiences are hanging on the edge of their seats waiting for the final episodes to drop. Today we’re here to feature one of the show’s most popular characters- the Annie Leonhart Cosplay feature!

Annie Leonhart cosplay by Narga and Aoki

Attack on Titan is probably the most popular anime I know of which I know almost nothing about. Stranger to admit because I am friends with at least one of the voice actors from the series, I none-the-less am able to recognize cosplays from the series at a glance. It’s that big- you don’t even have to know what it is to KNOW what it is. Though I didn’t realize the skinless girl with blonde hair I see everywhere was the same character from today’s feature, the show’s characters are immediately recognizable to anybody who is the least bit familiar with anime in general. Foremost of these is Annie Leonhart, and today we’re here to feature her! We hope you enjoy the best of Annie Leonhart Cosplay.

Annie Leonhart Cosplay by Saiya Cosplay

Annie Leonhart Cosplay by Narga and Aoki

“I dont care if I’m swept along with the flow, as long as I’m considered human.”

“Sometimes you have days like this. Days where the most trivial little thing… Ends up getting you wrapped up in some big, annoying trouble.”

“I can’t even pretend to be stupid enough to play soldier in this insane world.”

“I’m scared of going that way.”

Annie Leonhart Cosplay by Saida Cosplay

I just want the weak, who do get swept along with the flow, be considered human too.

Going against the flow… takes a lot of courage. I respect that. Maybe people who can do it are just stupid, but… Well… What I’m sure of is that people like that are rare. So you can’t call them common. You can’t call them normal, either. People like you… get called special.

You are saying that innately, all people are good, and if they were to just assume their nature, this organization wouldn’t be so rotten, right? But in my opinion, the structure of the organization, the way it is set up is what provides insight into what the true human nature really is.

Annie Leonhart Cosplay by Saiya Cosplay

I didn’t used to care about anything. But it’s different now. I think I’ve committed irredeemable sins…But. If it meant I could return to my father…I’d do it all over again.

“… she takes this ability to a new level, being able to focus this ability on certain parts of her body, healing the chosen injuries at a much faster pace as opposed to the automatic, simultaneous regeneration of all the damaged parts.

“Annie is able to summon pure Titans, though her range is limited.[132] Annie was the one who led Titans near Shiganshina District before the Colossus and Armored Titans broke Wall Maria.”


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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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